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Posted on May 3, 2019 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

Today I decided to talk to you about green tourism, also known as ecotourism.

Recently Pedro and I have proposed to you ideas of nature holidays: holidays in the countryside, cycling tourism, zero waste holidays ... This time it is not really on the organization of a nature stay that I offer you my help; rather I would like to introduce you to places very popular by travellers practicing green tourism.

Kookooning is lucky to be located in the Drôme. We are therefore surrounded by landscapes more fascinating than each other. So to illustrate my envy of green ...

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Posted on April 26, 2019 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

Organizing a weekend Bachelorette Party is never simple! And it is also true for Bachelor. Between the availabilities, the budgets, the tastes of each one... that’s why we decided to make your life easier.
It is a sector that is growing more and more and special offers Bachelorette or Bachelor Party bloom on the canvas, "normal" tell me... This is the spring!
So of course, at Kookooning too! Our hosts offer you accommodations and activities that are perfectly suited to a Bachelorette Party Weekend.
So, we listed what seemed interesting to us as if it were us, the ...

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Posted on April 17, 2019 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

April… The winter outing, the sunny days coming back but the summer holidays that still seem far away. So how about a little weekend in the country to relax?

Imagine, a weekend away from stress, work and the noise of the city. A short stay in the green, with family or lovers to get together and recharge the batteries.

Rural tourism, as it is often called, takes many forms and covers many thematics and activities.That's why I wanted to offer you this focus in order to see more clearly. And who knows, this may give you ideas for ...

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Posted on April 10, 2019 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

Combining effort and comfort is all the promise of a Gourmet Bike Weekend! That's why we wanted to propose a new idea for your stay: to organise a gourmet bike ride.

Kookooning's team like to ride a bike and even more during the holidays. It is an opportunity to combine tourism, sport-health and culture while retaining the values of Slow Tourism that are important to us: discovering sites and landscapes and sharing with the local population.

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Posted on April 8, 2019 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

Today, we present Generation Travel, a tourist media built on the foundations of a travel guide. The first objective is to answer the practical questions that we ask ourselves before choosing a destination ... or just before going there. For this, Génération Voyage offers useful information and very practical tools such as forecasting its travel budget.

No doubt, have you ever come across a page of advice or tips from Génération Voyage during your research preparation stay. Where to eat in Lisbon, where to sleep in Venice or what should not be missed in Seville.

Generation Travel is an independent ...

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