Kookooning: Pedro's touristical experiences

Pedro's touristical experiences

Posted on Nov. 10, 2020 in Pedro's touristical experiences

Feel like originality this year for New Year's Eve? KooKooning can help you plan your unusual stay for New Year's Eve. Whether you want to spend the New Year in the stars or in a tree, we have a combination of accommodation and activities to meet your desire for originality for an unusual New Year's Eve! So here are a few ideas for end of year stay to start well 2018.

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Posted on June 21, 2019 in Pedro's touristical experiences

Want to get closer to nature and learn more about aromatherapy? We take you to the heart of the Drôme for an essential oils stay, to meet Hugues and his famous laboratory caravan. Inside this real mobile workshop, all the equipment needed for manufacturing is at your disposal. To you to get off the wall the recipe of your choice: after-shave balm, soothing relaxation for massages, exfoliating, anti chapping, hikers anti inflammatory, anti-stress balm ... Hugues will be at your side to guide you throughout the preparation in the calm and good mood.

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Posted on May 29, 2019 in Pedro's touristical experiences

More and more people express the need to leave the city for a while to find back themselves and recharge their batteries. Maybe you are part of it?

Pollution, stress and poor nutrition are all factors that disrupt your body and prevent it from working properly. Your intestines are saturated with toxins, and you lose your vitality little by little.

In these times when the routine becomes heavy and your body makes you feel these tensions, you need a real break, a parenthesis well-being.

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Posted on May 27, 2019 in Pedro's touristical experiences

Carry out a carpentry workshop; this is a theme that comes up often and that interests you more and more.Indeed, learning how to work wood can't be mprovised and making your own furniture from A to Z is deserved!

We had already devoted an article to the carpentry workshops some time ago but today we want to give the floor to Philippe, one of the members of the Kookooning family.

Why this article and why Philippe? First of all because organizing his stay on the theme of carpentrycompletely fits into the concept of Kookooning: ...

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