The Thematics

On KooKooning,
your holidays fit your mood.


Each person their trip,
Each person their thematic stay...


Did you ever dream about searching for an accommodation according to the "mood" of the moment? Like doing sports, or
an acute desire for some relaxation, or the mighty need to meditate in the middle of the forest, or even to enjoy a new type of cooking?

You are in the right place: KooKooning allows you to look differently for an accommodation.
Our way focuses on meeting, sharing, and on the activities you can do on your future holiday destination.
More than thematics, We offer different lifestyles...


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Discover our major thematics down below:



Relaxation and well-being


 Who never wished for relaxation while on vacation?

And Pedro knows a thing or two about relaxation! Our sloth prepared different options for you, each one as relaxing as the other ...
You do not know what a sauna is? Discover the Scandinavian method with the accommodations offering this service. Maybe you are a fervent adept of the classics? If so, there is nothing like a good massage. Are you more of a water-type of person? If a heated pool fails to satisfy you, the jacuzzi will succeed for sure!

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Closer to you, mother Nature

Our thematic on nature will suit everybody's personal tastes!

Whether you prefer the sea or the mountains, if you are an explorer or conscious about earth non-lasting ressources, there will inevitably be a sub-thematic that will spark your interest!

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Accommodations that rival each other in strangeness

You are seeking a change of scenery... You wonder what it feels like to sleep in a bird's nest. You have always dreamed of sleeping under the stars, but in your bed. You find barrels very comfortable... This thematic is for you.


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Let the knowledge come forth!

Do you have the soul of an adventurer? The curiosity of an historian? The Discovery thematic is here for all of those wishing to develop their culture and quench their thirst for knowledge, sometimes sportingly!


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Just do it !

Of course, we offer many accommodations near activities and sport centers for all of those wishing to discover and exceed their limit, but also for those who do not wish to discover them!


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Terroir and Gourmet


A smiling belly

You have a rather greedy stomach? Tempt it with a nicely prepared meal ... In solo, in group, cooked by yourself or by your hosts, your choice starts here!


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Creative hobbies


Is an artist resting inside of you?

Unleash your creative genius among the proposed sub-thematics. Curious or passionate, you will find hosts measuring up to you, just waiting to share their art and their knowledge with you.


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Business and Seminars


Top-shelf work

A trip can also be synonymous of work: for this thematic here, we gathered all the accommodations built for the sole purpose of welcoming hard workers and businesses.


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The family is on vacations!

A thematic stay, can also be spent with the family! Discover all the accommodations suitable to small babies and children.


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