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In this thematic you will find all major sports, whether they are practiced in the mountains, on the sea, in the air  or in the city, and who knows, maybe soon in space ...


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Horse riding


Take advantage of the surrounding equestrian circuses to experience your first trot on a horse. Leisure strolls, rapid paces and competitions await you here.

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Cycling is one of the best means of locomotion: not too fast, sporty, you can also enjoy the scenery around you and discover the nature in a different way.

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Cross-country skiing


Discover all the accommodations located near resorts and cross country skiing trails.

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Water (kitesurfing, canoeing, rafting, etc.)


Beyond swimming and diving, you can try out active water sports in a natural environment and discover new ones!

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First flights (paragliding, etc.)


You have always dreamed of flying, of seeing the mountains moving slowly beneath your feet while the wind blows in your hair? Some of our guests offer first flights with hang-gliders, aircrafts, and more.

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Sensations (canyoning, climbing, etc.)


For you, sport and entertainment are satisfactory as long as you are pushing yourself over the limits, strong emotions being your reward? Here are some of the thrilling sports you can practice on KooKooning.

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Downhill skiing


Bring your skis or borrow them from your host, and go forth!

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Fans of golf, come and practice your swing on the most beautiful lawns, conveniently close to the accommodations listed here.

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You would like to discover what it feels like to shoot an arrow with a bow ? Become Robin Hood for a day, thanks to archery paths cleverly arranged in the heart of the forest. But do not be afraid! The hinds and other prey you will target will only have the appearance of real animals.

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Hike (snowshoes)


On land or on snow, this sub-thematic will provide you with all the accommodations situated near well known and beautiful hiking trails. Some of our hosts will be delighted to share their passion with you, and might even be your guide to help you find the best beds of blackberries!

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Swimming, Diving


Here our hosts live close to diving centers, and some of them are even professional divers offering to teach you and deliver you your diving certificate. They will accompany you in an outing to discover the seabed. If the depths of the sea do not attract you, you can go for a more traditional swim.

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