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Introducing KooKooning

Kookooning is a service gathering "thematic" accommodations online. You can search for an accommodation depending on your "mood" of the day (sport, discovery, leisure, and so on), without having to type in a location. All of our hosts offer authentic and convivial experiences.

Kookooning is a service gathering "thematic" accommodations online.
Hosts can create an account as well as a listing for their accommodation on our service. Inside this listing, they can fill in up to 5 thematics. These thematics help categorize the accommodation in our search engine when travelers are looking for a sport-oriented stay, a monument-oriented stay, etc).

Since the beginning of May, hosts can add activities as well as accommodations (these activities can range from table d'hôtes to introduction flights, and more). These activities will be bookable, like the accommodations.
Once you are registered and your listing is published on our site, you can receive information and booking requests from our travelers, who looked for an accommodation using either the locality, the dates, and/or the "desire" feature of our search engine.
These information and booking requests are sent both to your KooKooning inbox and your personal e-mail (the one you provided for the creation of your account). Furthermore, an SMS will be sent to you each time you receive them, in case you cannot access your mailbox.

My listings

If you are not signed in, or if you do not have a KooKooning account: go on the KooKooning website and click on the red button labelled "Add your accommodation" in the top right corner.
If you do not have a Kookooning account, you will be able to create one right before filling out the form for the creation of your listing.
If you are signed in: click on the "My listing" button on the black navigation bar, and click on "Add a new accommodation ad".

Sign in and click on "My listing" on the black navigation bar.
Click on the ad you want to modify. 
You can then navigate between the different tabs of your ad on the left, andd apply the necessary modifications.

You can unpublish your ad without deleting it. Your accommodation will not be visible in our search engine anymore. You can publish it again at any time.
For this, go to your "My listing" space, and click on the ad of your choice. In the tab list on the left, click on the last one, labelled "settings and legislation".
In the settings section, you will see that your accommodation is published by default. Click on this button to unpublish your ad and save your changes.
You listing in now invisible from other users.

Click on "My listing" in the black navigation bar, then click on the chosen accommodation.
From there, click on the "Photos" tab, situated inside the column on the left.
Scroll down the page, to the section "Pictures of your rooms".
There, you can click on the blocks "Add a picture" or "Browse", to add the pictures from your laptop. 
These pictures will be displayed in the room section on your accommodation listing.

In your "listing" space, find the ad you want to delete.
Next to its name, you will see different small icons. Click on the one looking like a trash can.
Be careful, this action is irreversible: once you click onto the bin, your ad will be deleted and you will not be able to retrieve it.

Click on "My Listing", in the black navigation bar. There, you can click on the accommodation of your choice.
Once you are there, click on "Availabilities", Next to "Listing", under the same black navigation bar.
Your accommodation is available by default. You can insert periods of unavailabilities by selecting the wanted activity (your accommodation), as well as the chosen dates, and save the changes. They will be directly updated on the calendar below.
You can also select directly the dates inside said calendar. For this, click on the green checks.They will turn red for "unavailable".

You can modify the location of your accommodation from your "My listing" space, in the black navigation bar.
From there, click on "Listing", then on the listing of your choice, and then on "Contact and location".
Here, you can start typing the name of the desired locality, and click on the right name in the drop-down menu that will appear.
You can also move the pin by clicking and dragging it to the desired place (on top of your house).

As a general rule, we will ask you directly if we need you to do some modifications on your listing.
We can sometimes intervene directly when we are moderating an accommodation that needs to be published, or if you haven't modified your listing yourself.
If one of your picture got deleted, it is probably because it did not comply with our criteria (pixellated, stretched, heavily edited, text on the picture, logo, mosaic, etc).

No need!
We transfered all the existing listings on to You can access yours using the same username and password you used for the creation of your account on Oudormir.
Our moderators check regularly for doubles: we advise you to check beforhand if your accommodation isn't already on our search engine before creating a new listing.

KooKooning allows travelers to sort accommodations depending on their "mood" (for example, the traveler feels like discovering canyoning: they can choose to only browse the accommodations having the "sport" thematic), and this independently from the location or the dates of the stay.
If you do not have any thematics associated with your accommodation, it will not be visible in our thematic search engine, and you might miss a part of your public.


The registration as well as the listing creation are totally free. 
You can however upgrade your listing to a premium one (60€/year), and enjoy all of its advantages. You can look up all the details here on our prices page.
Soon we will offer the possibility to use online booking, which will entail a commission : its percent will rise depending on the subscription of your choice.

After creating an account and an ad on KooKooning, you will be able to upgrade it to its Premium state, by choosing to subscribe to the premium package for 60 € per year. It allows (among other things) to display a link to your website and bring more visibility to your ad (you will find more information about the benefits of the premium package by clicking here).

KooKooning account

If you do not remember your password, or if your password doesn't work anymore, you can reinitialise it using your e-mail address by clicking here

You can ask for a reinitialisation of your password by clicking on "forgotten password" while you attempt to sign in KooKooning.
If you want to change your e-mail address or your username, click on your profil in the top right-corner, and select "Account settings" on the drop-down menu. Here, you will be able to change your parameters.

Are you not curious about your host when you plan your stay somewhere ?
On KooKooning, we like to know a little bit more about the people behind all these beautiful homes.
There are several benefits to this : your listing is humanized, more trustful, and enables the traveler to discover you.

To transfer an account, contact us by sending an e-mail to, specifying the web address of the ad, the accommodation's name and its location. After checking the informations we will carry out the transfer.

To delete your account, click on your profile image in the top right corner, then click on "Account settings" in the drop-down menu.
From there, you will be able to click on the button "Delete my account".
Be careful, this action is irreversible.


When you are logged on KooKooning, go to your space "My Ads" and click on the ad where you want to enable the online booking (you will need to do this for each ad if you have several of them). Once you are in the "online booking Settings" tab, fill in the form and provide the required documents (you can check our video tutorial on enabling online booking on KooKooning). Online booking is now enabled on your ad (this may take several hours to several days)!

Access your KooKooning mailbox. Click on one of your booking requests and inside it click "accept the request." (This step is important to formalize the reservation and begin the financial transaction. When a reservation is confirmed on KooKooning, travelers will be asked after their stay to comment on your performance). The traveler will receive a verification code that they have to hand over to you at the beginning of their stay, so you can trigger the transfer of the money to your account. Enter the verification code in the fields provided for this purpose (tab "My ads", "bookings" sub-tab): the amount for the booking will then be transferred.


The creation of an account on Kookooning has several advantages. First, you can be an active participant in a community looking for authenticity, conviviality and unforgettable experiences. Furthermore, an account will allow you more freedom in order to contact and discuss with the hosts whose accommodations and activities are interesting you.

You can read our advices page to optimize the visibility of your listing, or you can contact us.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter a problem.
Don't forget to give us the name of your accommdation, as well as its locality so we can be more efficient.