We are travelers looking for more than a bed...


As well as a passionate team combining skills to serve the domain of e-tourism, and more specifically the problematics related to the research of an accommodation for a thematic stay. We are gathering technical, ergonomic, graphic and marketing skills together in a team based down the South of France, two steps away from Provence.

The origins of the concept...


The idea of Kookooning isn't to be positioned as a competitor of Airbnb, HouseTrip, HomeAway, or even Wimdu or BedyCasa... At least not directly.

We wish to offer something different, beyond the simple search for an accommodation. Our concept is to bring together people sharing the same passions, the same activities, through the rent of an accommodation. We wish to put under the spotlight those offering "more than just a bed", to better answer the needs of those who, like us, are searching for "more than just a bed".

If you ever met any problems to find a thematic stay, a dream week-end, or a place near your favorite activity like us, KooKooning is here for you.

Where did the name Kookooning come from?


Kookooning, it is the indescribable notion evoked by the word "cocooning", the expression spontaneously leaving our lips when we find something "cool", and 2 pinches of Kapt for the K.

It could as well become a new verb: to KooKoon...



A cocoon to feel as well as we do when we are at home, or even better.
The magic is usually coming from the welcome provided by the hosts, as well as the place, activities and services available on site. What a joy to put our luggage down and live there like a local, as if we lived here our whole life! 

That is what seduced us, and what we are trying to facilitate here with KooKooning... With the secret hope that the service creates beautiful encounters! 

What perspectives?


KooKooning has been launched in France and its DOM-TOM with the ambition to open up to Europe and the whole world soon.

Furthermore, we already offer a Premium pack bringing more visibility to the accommodations listed on our service, and very soon we are going to launch a website platform which will enable hosts to create websites directly from their KooKooning listings.

We are KAPT, the society behind the KAPT.travel technology propulsing the service named 10 Things To See, which displays the things to see directly around your next tourist destination.

Welcome on KooKooning!

Our team is therefore based in France and gradually grows between those with whom you can exchange if you are members - service providers and those who remain in the shade but who make of KooKooning a services of preparation of stay the More convivial of the moment! Discover the members of our team in more detail on the dedicated presentation page.