The members of the KooKooning team

We present the members of the KooKooning team,
For your personal satisfaction.

What do the KooKooning team members look like?

Do not ask yourself anymore, here they are!



R&D Engineer


Adrien is an engineer in Computer Science and Networks.

He is not averse to jokes, and practices this art in all its forms: from the classic hiding place in the closets to the anonymous publication of zany ads on KooKooning: his colleagues are always on guard.

But what exactly is Adrien doing at KooKooning?
He mainly deals with the technical realization and the invisible cogs that make KooKooning an intuitive service. At the moment, it develops new features that will make you love the service more.

If he found himself alone on a desert island, what would he take with him?
His wife and his knife. Adrien is a man who knows how to get to the point.



Developer Front - Webdesigner


Saad is webdesigner and handles both gitkraken and photoshop.

It is also a good living perpetually in good humor. He takes on the heavy task of increasing KooKooning's wage "mass" by making coffee and encouraging his colleagues to eat regularly at nearby Kebab.

What is Saad doing at KooKooning?
According to his own words, Saad makes the computer. According to our sayings, Saad is the yin to the yang of Adrian. It develops and handles the visible part of KooKooning: whether it's service interface, ergonomics, and many other things.

Playstation or Kebab?
Playstation mayo-samurai sauce.



UX Designer

Johanna has a training as an interaction designer obtained in Sweden, and also practices graphic design and illustration.

Never missing an opportunity to eat, she is the incarnation in flesh and bone of what is commonly called a "black hole". 90% of the salary "mass" maintained by Saad is.

What does she do in KooKooning?
According to her colleagues, she is coloring. She is also nicknamed "the mother of Pedro" and is busy making the universe of KooKooning live, between illustrations, videos and graphics. He also relays Saad and Adrien on tasks of ergonomics.

What is the remedy for all evils?
A good nap.



Leader - Co-founder


Sébastien has received training (Sweden, all over the world). A traveler at heart, this is what prompted him to partner with Phillippe to create KooKooning and 10 Things to see, two complementary services in the search for accommodation, activities and things to see.

He is the final boss of KooKooning. He does not shrink from anything to promote our nascent service, even when it comes to dress up as a slothby 40 ° C in the city center. He manages the team and the challenges with expertise and motivation, all without ever sleeping.

Being the boss of KooKooning, what does that mean?
Be omniscient and omnipotent.

Rather tea or coffee?
One suspects Sébastien to operate rather to the solar energy.





With Sébastien, Philippe is the co-founder of KooKooning and 10 Things to see. An engineer by training, he divides his time between his position as R & D Manager at Infologic, and KooKooning.

What does Philippe do within KooKooning?
He maintains the role of consultant, and participates in technical meetings where his know-how and expertise are greatly appreciated.

What does Philippe do in his free time?
Outside the constraints of the city, Philippe develops a farmer eco-system within his household: between dwarf sheep, bees and chickens.



SI Engineer


Benjamin is an IS engineer, expert in Linux and algorithms.

Benjamin is also perfectly capable of supporting a conversation in Latin with his colleagues and realizes in his lost hours a sociological study on the behavior of the participants of The Island.

What does Benjamin do within KooKooning?
No one really understands it, but without it nothing works.

The Island or Koh-Lanta?
Any reality show will be dissected by his expert eye.



APPS Engineer


Faithful to his native Lozère, he retained its authenticity and outspokenness. Like any good hunter, it is also endowed with a dreadfully effective vision: pheasant or pixel superfluous, nothing escapes.

What does he do within KooKooning?
François develops our mobile applications as a person and much more. Always helpful, you can join him occasionally on the KooKooning helpline.