How does it work?

KooKooning was thought for you

1. Sign Up is Free

Signing up on Kookoon is simple and free. It can even be done from your Facebook or Twitter account.

2. Thematics stays

Whether you are a host or a traveler, your KooKooning profile will allow you to describe yourself and inform your audience on KooKooning about your common interests.

In addition, on KooKooning, all rentals, bed and breakfasts, campsites and dormitories are categorized by thematics and detailed based on the leisure activities available on site or nearby.

KooKooning is the guarantee to find hosts or travelers like you ... with the prospect of convivial moments and wonderful memories ahead ...

3. Availability and booking online

Your KooKooning account also gives you access to a very intuitive dashboard allowing you to view and easily manage your bookings and your interaction with other members of the KooKooning community.

Requests for informations and bookings as well as the KooKooning applicant's profile appear in your KooKooning Inbox. It is up to you to choose with whom to stay or host.

4. Successful rentals Experiences

To get started on KooKooning as a traveler, visit our "You are traveling".

To get started on KooKooning as a host, see the section "You are hosting".

For any other questions or advice, please feel free to contact KooKoon team.