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Houses, rest houses, refuges, furnished accommodations...
So many accommodations, and with them so many holiday possibilities : from the cozy bed and breakfast to the adventurer's refuge ... However sometimes the differences from one accommodation to another can be very subtle, which can quickly cause confusion and make it more difficult to find what you are looking for.

This is why we organised for you this little presentation of all the different types of accommodations you will find on KooKooning, as well as their peculiarities:

KooKooning is neither a travel agency nor a tourism label: we rely on the information provided by our members upon registration, including their certification if they have any (Accueil Paysan, Clé Vacances, Gîtes de France, etc.), to display their listings. Then we moderate their listings, based on a set of criteria defined partly by their type of accommodation.



The bed & breakfast

Institutions offering guest rooms are qualified of "guest houses" or "Beds & Breakfasts". Their growing popularity surely comes from their welcoming and homely atmosphere. Your breakfast will always be included in the service.


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The riad

Pinnacles of traditional architecture and Moroccan culture with their open patio, the riads are now often converted into guest houses. It is not rare to find a hammam there, as well as Eastern breakfasts and beautifully decorated guest rooms.


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The cottage

Wrongly confused with bnbs and furnished accommodations, traditional cottages are specific to the tourism in the countryside (as well as the sea and the mountains). Opposites of bed and breakfast, they do not offer meals and the owner is not at home.


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The group cottage

Group cottages belong to a subset of the vast family that is the cottage one, and are intended for for the reception of large gatherings. The group cottages therefore receive groups (We would not have guessed!) and accordingly have a very large welcoming capacity.


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The halt

The "stopover" cottages belong themselves to a sub category of group cottages. These cottages are usually located close to trails such as GRs, hiking trails, bike paths, and specialize in hosting hikers, cyclists, riders as well as pilgrims.


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The shelter

The shelters are located on the mountains and offer a traditional and rustic cover (regarding the sleeping arrangements and the bathroom) to hikers and climbers. Some shelters can even be entirely empty, though most of them have a guard, who can provide you with food and drinks.


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The homestay

The BnBs are often confused with homestays, though the latter are not always the subject of a professional activity. The concept of a homestay is to rent a room directly inside the house of a local. These locations can last from a few days to several months if needed.


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The campsite

Popular with families for its economic aspect, campsites are an opportunity to pitch the tent, the caravan or the camping-car on equipped ground. Most existing campings provide services and additionnal activities such as a swimming pool, play areas and many others.


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The rental, bungalow, mobile home

In parallel, campings have developed the "outdoor hotel" concept by providing rentals, bungalows, mobile-homes and fully equipped cottages. Outdoor locations enjoy the benefits of camping, while offering build-in accommodations.


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The hotel

Hotels remain the classic of the tourist accommodation, offering both room and board (breakfast, half board and board). From single rooms to royal suites, the services provided by hotels also include room service, wellness areas, swimming pools, sports facilities, etc.


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The apartment hotel

The concept of the apartment-hotel is simple: enjoy the benefits of hotel services à la carte, in a fully furnished and equipped apartment. The services offered among others are housekeeping, breakfast, laundry, meals, and access to wellness areas such as pools, saunas, etc.


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The youth hostel

Youth hostels offer mostly shared rooms with common showers. These inns promote meetings and exchanges between travelers, by providing relaxation areas with games and books, as well as a shared kitchen for the preparation of meals.


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The vacation rental

Often likened to cottages, the meublé de tourisme can be considered as a "label" and can be applied to different types of accommodations in France: villas, flats, studios, rooms, etc. These vacation rentals are tightly controlled and have an official classification.


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The other types of rental

Every other rentals that do not fit the criteria of all the categories listed here.


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