The more the merrier

The group cottage, subcategory of the vast family of the cottages, is a lodge with no shortage of space to accommodate a large number of people.

Discrete hosts


Just like in all the other types of cottages, your hosts will be present to warmly welcome you upon your arrival, but will remain very discreet during your stay, unless you need informations on the region or proper conduct of your stay.


Built for your needs


Group cottages are equipped for the reception and entertainment of large groups. They are suitable for groups of friends and families, clubs, associations and companies who wish to spend a weekend or a week together. You will be received in good conditions, with an important living space: it is not rare to find in these cottages a pool table, a tennis table as well as a field with a swimming pool and the possibility to do outdoors activities. Some even have a reception room where you will be able to eat, dance, organize incentive activities, etc.


Rooms and dormitories


Cut for large numbers, the rooms available in group houses can vary drastically in size and equipment, depending on the required capacity. For the smaller group houses, the rooms layouts are similar to the ones usually found in a BnB or hotel, namely one or two double beds, or a few singles. However in larger houses, it is not unusual for the rooms to be akin more to dormitories, with several bunk beds inside. The sheets will sometimes be provided, and sanitation might be collective.


A kitchen that fit your needs


Group lodges offer several rental options adapted to the needs of each group. You will be able to have the lodging in free management if you want to cook yourself, using the fully equipped kitchen made available in the building. For large groups who do not want to deal with the complex logistics behind the organisation of meals, half board or full board are generally offered at an additional cost to the initial rent.


Group activities


Each group house can have a feature that will catch your eye: houses with a pool for the summer holidays, houses specialized in the reception of school groups and summer camps (with nearby activities such as kayaking or riding), lodges that can host a wedding, a bachelor party (girl / boy), etc ...


In short, if you have an event to organize or if you want to gather your entire family, group houses will satisfy you, both in the welcome that awaits you, and in the organisation of activities.