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How to incite travelers to chose your accommodation ?
Follow these 7 steps !


Take care of your image

The first thing the travelers will see once they are connected to KooKooning is the main picture on your listing...
Among many others. As a consequence, it is important to choose it very carefully !
The picture must help the traveler immerse themselves in your universe and encourage him to click on your listing.
Consequently, it should illustrate one of the strengths of your accommodation (its landscape, layout, slice of life, etc), something that makes it truly special and worth travelling to.


Make yourself available

The traveler can choose her travelling dates directly from the homepage. Be sure to keep your availabilities up to date in order to come up in her search results.
To even further simplify the life of your future travelers, you can offer them the possibility to book directly online.


Stay competitive

Price is of course a key component. It is important for you to be competitive on this aspect.
To do so, you can get inspiration from the other listings offering similar accommodations and experiences to yours, and adjust your prices accordingly (you can also adjust these prices, according to the seasons: high, medium, low), in order to remain attractive and competitive.


Put your assets forward

Once the traveler clicks on your listing, everything you have to offer can make a difference. Pictures are here again a powerful way to highlight the attractiveness of your accommodations and activities, and help the traveler visualize his stay at your place : a nice breakfast on the patio, a little reading by the fireplace, a zen bathroom, a playground for small children, etc ... All these pictures will ultimately convince the traveler to spend his holidays at your place.


Put yourself in the place of your travelers

Another way to "seduce" the traveler is to offer well-written descriptions of your accommodations, rooms and activities.
Without exaggerating, describe what it is like to live in your accommodation : slices of life, the atmosphere, what unique experience the traveler will find if he comes there.
Be precise while enumerating the services you offer (equipments, capacity, thematics). These will be a compelling argument because we all look for leisures we enjoy during our holidays.
Last but not the least, if you wish to reach out to foreign travellers, indicate the different languages you speak, and write your listings using these !


Build human trust

The human contact and dimension is your best tool : what will convince the traveler is your willingness to welcome him in a quality environment, and share with him. 
You have several tools at your disposal to help you in this direction. The comment section on your listing will be dedicated to travelers who already enjoyed their stay at your place, and will help reassure the ones to come. You will also be able to exchange with the traveller through your KooKooning inbox, to discuss the modalities of his stay... If you are attentive and answer quickly to the messages you receive. It should be a piece of cake, with the KooKooning dashboard allowing you to view your availabilities, your bookings, your statistics and your messages. 


Ask us for advice

We hope that these tips were useful to you. If you have any questions or encounter problems in your use of KooKooning, don't hesitate to contact us.
If you would like to make a website for your accommodation, or have a new one made, we are offering this option.

The Kookooning Team