Partners of KooKooning

The more we are, the stronger we get!


KooKooning is a service developped by , a web agency specialised in software, website and mobile app development dedicated to the e-tourism domain, with the use of .


Becoming a partner

Kookooning is looking for partnerships with similar and complementary services (food service, outings, leisures, sports, etc): contact us!

Our members

Of course, our first partners on KooKooning are our members : those who seek an accommodation and activities for their holidays, and those offering these services. KooKooning is also about living an experience in adequation with the interests of the travellers and their hosts.
As a consequence, all the accommodations listed on KooKooning are categorised by the thematics and activities they offer on site or that are available nearby.

10 Things To See

As an example, we developped a partnership with the service 10 Things To See: this service is ideal to find the hidden gems to see around a destination. As a result, our users can now find all the things to see around the accommodation they are currently browsing, highlighting its location. This is completed by the activities proposed and the thematics selected.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us!

At the Corner

At the Corner is a new service like us, and provides additional services to accommodation renting: key management, luggage storage, access to dining areas and well-being areas, tickets, breakfast, parking and more .. with the online platform of At the Corner, you can book the available services in hotel partners. At the Corner will then forward to them the essential information to perform the requested tasks.


We made a partnership with Viatao, a publishing house specializing in sustainable tourism. It provides travelers with guidebooks full of tricks, originality, addresses of sustainable practices, and awareness of the economic and environmentalchallenges of each destination. With Viatao, you can travel more responsibly, and certainly more more authenticity with local actors!

Our Support

KooKooning would never have been launched without the help of the Région Rhone-Alpes and BPI France.