Terms of Sales for Pro or Premium Pack

These Terms and Conditions apply when subscribing to a Pro or Premium Pack.


KooKooning features, pricing and subscription packages are detailed online on page: Pricing.

These condiditions apply when subscribing to a Premium Pack (pay functionality) or to a Pro Pack (WebSite and Vacation Rental Software).

The use and access to these features induce full acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions ("Terms") that are designed to regulate commercial transactions between the company Kapt SAS ("KAPT") operates the KooKooning service and users of that service.


If these users account for a corporation, and therefore deemed to have sufficient power of representation to engage the consent of the legal person: recording on KooKooning is limited to persons who have the legal capacity to enter into a contract.


The version of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the transaction is the one in force at the time when such transaction is made. The current version of the Terms is available on the service Web Site ; previous versions, however, can not be communicated once their validity expired.

When conducting a business transaction on KooKooning, we invite you to systematically record and store the version of the Terms in force at the completion of said transaction.


To access certain features on KooKooning you will also be asked to accept additional terms and conditions. In case of inconsistency between these Terms and those governing a specific feature of the service, the latter shall prevail with regard to the concerned feature.


These Terms are also likely to be modified at any time, you are invited to consult them regularly and to refer to the "change history".


If you have questions about certain terms of these Terms, please contact our support team via the contact form on the Website.


Terms of souscription

To access the functionality of KooKooning pay service, it is imperative to have enrolled on the site, to have created an ad and getting its approval after moderation. It is also imperative to have previously accepted the Kookooning Terms of Use.

Subscribe to paid package (Premium) on KooKooning is made via an online form detailing the features, the rate and duration of the underwritten subscription.

In accordance with the French law, the purchaser has a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of its subscription warrants to exercise the right of withdrawal and address the Kapt SAS, operator of KooKooning Service. Under cover of respect of that procedure, the Kapt SAS will be required to repay the said subscription within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of receipt of the withdrawal.

Once the withdrawal period expired, however, it may be requested no refund in any capacity whatsoever, including under the early termination of the use of all or some of the features subscribed before the end of subscription concerned.


The calculation of the subscription period starts on the actual date of payment of the subscription ("Payment Date") by the subscriber and expire on the last day of the subscription ("Subscription Duration" contractually defined) .


However, with the authorization of the subscriber, any subscription for a period of 12 (twelve) months paid by credit card will automatically be renewed indefinitely for the same period as the one chosen initially (or for a period of 12 (twelve) months if the initial subscribed was longer than twelve months). Similarly, any subscription to pay an additional functionality to the main subscription paid by credit card will be automatically renewed automatically renewed upon expiry of the initial subscription period of the main subscription for a maximum period of 12 (twelve) month price at the time of renewal of that functionality. Discounts, and special offers granted during the initial subscription shall not apply to the extended period. The automatic extension of the subscription period can be disabled under cover communicate this commitment to society Kapt SAS by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt before the expiry of the current period.


Payment of the subscription by the subscriber can be done on the terms offered at the time of subscription. If payment is made online by credit card, the subscriber may authorize the company Kapt SAS to retain data securely, in order to be capacity to perform the automatic renewal of his subscription.

If the subscriber opts for direct debit, it expressly mandates the Kapt SAS to conduct the levy charged to the bank account which he has sent references. Each Collection will be debited from the bank account corresponding to the transmitted references.



Terms of cancellation 

If the subscriber uses the features subscribed as part of their subscription for fraudulent purposes or contrary to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Service KooKoon, the company Kapt SAS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disable access to such features or even KooKoon service and immediately terminate without reimbursement of the costs of the subscription or any other cost incurred by the subscriber, any contract previously signed with the offender. The Kapt SAS will also assume no obligation to investigate complaints.

The company Kapt SAS reserves the right to transfer these Terms and to assign or subcontract to third all or part of its rights and obligations in accordance with these Terms, but in no case will do so to reduce the guarantees granted to the underwriters in light of these Terms.

No subscribed service may not be transferred to third parties. In case of sale of the property offered for vacation rental, the subscriber will be required to terminate the service plan in connection with the accommodation concerned and carry out the removal of ads in connection with the accommodation concerned. The new owner will thus be free to sign or not KooKoon, to publish announcements in connection with the accommodation concerned and to subscribe or not to paid services and functions in connection with the accommodation concerned.


If the owner is late in paying his subscription or any other charges, or if a third party requests the removal of an advertisement based on an alleged violation of trademarks, copyrights, or related legislation competition or the protection of privacy and / or personal data, or for any other valid reason and the subscriber can prove that he has the right to make public the content, including images and / or photographs, Kapt SAS reserves the right to block or remove, temporarily or permanently, the announcement of the subscriber and access to subscribed features, without prejudice to any other legal measure.


Validity, entry into force and changes of these Terms

As mentioned above, these Terms are effective when subscribing to a Premium Package on KooKooning.

These Terms are the only ones that govern the relationship between the subscriber and the company Kapt SAS, and will automatically replace any oral or written agreement made earlier by the parties concerned.

The clauses are applicable as they are in force; if one or more of these clauses is rendered null and void, the remaining clauses will continue to apply.



These Terms are governed by French law which is the only competent court.


Change History

  • Initial release on: November 10th 2015
  • Last updated: September 21st 2016