The rental, bungalow, mobile home

The outdoor hotel


Some dare not try camping because it might be too "uncomfortable". In response, campsites developed the "outdoor hotel" concept, to be able to offer fully equipped rentals, bungalows, mobile homes, cottages and chalets for travelers wanting to enjoy camping, without having to pitch their tent.



Like in campings, you will be totally independent with your rental, whatever its type. Once the managers of the camp provided you with the keys, you will be left to yourself.


The cocooning adventure


In a bungalow or a mobil'home, you will enjoy the charm of outdoor holidays, with different landscapes to please your eyes, depending on the camping you chose: great lakes, hidden in the forest, near the sandy beach, amidst a rich forest clearing... and this without the cost or the "disadvantages" brought by living in a tent: you will be well protected under a roof and four walls equipped to bring you top-notch comfort.


The ready-house


Rentals, mobil'homes and rented bungalows have the advantage of being extremely well-equipped: you will have several rooms with beddings, a kitchen, a lounge with a sofa, a furnished bathroom and independent WCs, a storage space, air conditioning, a terrace and even a balcony, etc. You will not need to do your laundry, your dishes and ablutions in the common infrastructure of the camp, ensuring you with a personal bubble filled with serenity.


Home sweet Meal


Again you will need to cook, but the task will be much easier thanks to the fridge, microwave, oven and cooking ustensils at your disposal in your rental. You will only need a small trip to the local supermarket (or food already in stock) to prepare good meals.


The activity that suits you


Whether you stay in a mobil'home, bungalow, cottage, tent or caravan, your privileges will be the same: you will have access to all the facilities available in the heart of the camping. These infrastructures are diverse and varied: swimming pool, water slides, hiking and cycling trails, sauna, jacuzzi, tree climbing, sports, entertainment (karaoke, dance evenings, etc.), and safe spaces for your children.


You can enjoy all the benefits of camping while respecting your own standard of comfort!