The french Bed & Breakfast

Beyond the bed and breakfast, the concept of guest house has evolved these past few years and may vary from country to country.

Here is our vision of the guesthouse.

Warm hosts


You will be greeted in a friendly atmosphere for one or more nights, by individuals who will open the doors of a fully equipped home to you, preserving the privacy needed for your stay.


A cocooning home


The guest bedroom is still a very cozy offer in our minds, providing quality services such as private access to sanitation (toilet, shower) and sometimes specific facilities (jacuzzi, sauna, solarium, pool, etc.). For guest rooms the limit on KooKooning is 10 rooms but everyone must respect the legal restrictions of their own country. For example, in France, the maximum is 5 rooms and 15 guests at the same time.


Local and hearty meals


Breakfast is always memorable and often plentiful. It will allow you to taste some local specialties: cake, homemade jam, cottage cheese, fruits, etc. It is also a moment of exchange with your hosts, as well as other travelers. Breakfast is usually included in the price of the B&Bs but we took the precaution of indicating it on the ads.

It is increasingly common for guest houses to offer other services. The guest table, or table d'hôtes is the classic example. It is perfect to taste the local specialties without having to take your vehicle. The guest tables are often available in the evening for dinner, which likens them to the half-board of inns and hotels. BnBs can sometimes also offer full board or packed sandwiches for lunch. But these services are solely intended for guests staying on site (unless it's a restaurant) and available only through bookings: you can use our application form to book your meal with the rest of your trip.


Treasures of activities


With the KooKooning initiative, an increasing number of BnBs owners offer activities on top of their accommodation, which give them the opportunity to share their passions:

  • cooking lessons,
  • cultural visit,
  • creative hobbies,
  • tasting of local products,
  • discovery of life on the farm,
  • sporting activities,
  • massage, relaxation and well-being,
  • air baptism,
  • etc.


Have a nice stay in a bed & Breakfast on KooKooning!