The greatest classic


The hotel remains a safe bet, regulated and carefully cultivated in order to face the competition brought by alternative accommodations.


A standard welcome


We do not need to present the star classification for hotels; it is almost universal. The French hotel also has various labels (logis de France, qualité tourisme, etc.), each focusing on a particular quality expected by their clients. If proximity with the managers will be virtually nonexistent in the bigger hotels, you will be able to share more easily with the employees of the smallest ones. They will be attentive to your needs and will graciously provide you with some advice on the area.


Dreamlike setting


Unless you made a one-night stop along the highway, hotels are usually built in a pleasant and relaxing setting, to ensure you spend an optimal holiday. However it's not just the setting that is relaxing in a hotel: from the catering to the daily maintenance of your room, through the presence of a wellness area, the staff will take care of everything. Free of any obligations, you can concentrate solely on your vacation.


Comfortable nights


Sanitized for some, you will find without any pain a hotel where the rooms are as comfortable as they are welcoming, while enjoying the service renowned in the hotel practice. In your room you will find almost systematically a private bathroom, a mini-bar with snacks and a safe for your valuables. Depending on the classification of your hotel, your room might turn into a suite or an entire apartment, with the furniture and the room service that goes with it.


The star gastronomy 


The more stars the hotel have, the more refined its cuisine is, generally rich of local specialties. It is also common for the hotel's restaurant to not be exclusive to the residents, so you will enjoy a warm and lively atmosphere during your meals. Finally, you can choose from several options according to your needs and your wallet. Full board, you can enjoy all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), but will be restricted in your movements by the time of lunch. Half board, you can enjoy hearty meals from the hotel, while being free of your movements during the entire day (some hotels even offer you to pack sandwiches for lunch!). Finally the breakfast formula will suit you especially if you already planned your day and your outdoor meals.


Activities nearby


Apart from the infrastructure available inside the hotel (an area of ​​wellness, often with a jacuzzi, sometimes a sauna, a steam room and a fitness area), you can inquire at the reception of your hotel on the activities that can be practiced nearby.