An ephemeral stay

Subcategory of the group houses, the halt lodge welcomes you at the crook of a path, after a long day of physical exertion.

A sporty reception


The halt lodges are mainly used by sport enthusiasts such as hikers, riders, cyclists, climbers, skiers, kayakers, etc. They are strategically placed along paths that are regularly used, to provide shelter and a well deserved break for walkers with their equipment. There will be documentation at your disposal in these lodges, a documentation specific to your activity, as well as information related to the weather and security.


Natural and cultural heritage


Located primarily in prairies or small mountains, this type of lodge is completely immersed in a natural environment. You'll be in a peaceful and lively setting, without breaking the serenity and the connection established with nature at the beginning of your journey. The lodges need to be in compliance with the lodge charter, which requires them to be integrated with the surrounding local architecture. Even so, their architecture and appearance are very diverse.




Designed and maintained for short stays and passing guests, beds in halt-lodges are distributed between rooms and small dormitories. The bare minimum provided by these lodges are the covers, to protect the occupants from potential rough nights. It is generally precised if the bed linen is provided or not.


The missing kitchen


Sometimes the absence of a kitchen will be notable in these lodges, making the travelers dependent on the host for cooked meals. Fortunately, these lodges compensate for it by offering breakfasts, half board or even full board. However, to qualify for these services, you must book them beforehand.


Nature activities

The halt-lodges are designed to accommodate travelers and their equipment, which can sometimes be bulky. Some even have grass fields where the horses can graze. All of them offer documents and brochures on hiking trails and surrounding paths.