In the green


We all know about camping. It provides an economical and adventurous alternative to traditional hotels, to spend holidays rich in activities in the middle of nature.


Independence and autonomy


If you go camping, it means you are looking forward to spending a holiday away from the ambient stress of the city, and autonomously: you will have very little contact with your "hosts", the managers of the campsite. You will be free to do what you want, and whenever you want (while respecting the rules inherent to the proper functioning of the place, of course). From doing the laundry down to preparing your own food, you will be the one in charge.


The adventure


The environment can drastically vary depending on the campsite you choose: a lake, a forest, nestled in the shade of some trees, in a clearing, near the beach and fine sand... Closer to nature, you will experience both the cicadas' singing and the pitter-patter of the rain on your tent, before choosing to sleep at least once under the stars. But your adventure is under control, unlike in wild camping or bivouac: your site has all the equipment you require, such as electricity, drinking water and evacuation.


A small piece of land


If you choose to rent a small piece of lawn, it means you already possess the necessary equipment to occupy it, with tents, caravans or motorhomes, as well as everything needed for conservation, cooking, sleeping, etc. Depending on the type of site you choose, you can also enjoy a garden, a gazebo and a wifi connection, in order to transform your small piece of land into a relaxing paradise for a week. The bathrooms are common to everyone in the campsite, but are well maintained and equipped for the outdoors.


Meals with your own means


Besides the floor mats, sleeping bags, mosquito nets and other material necessary to make your night successful, you will have to pack tools to cook your own food...Like a conservation stove for preparation, a gas bottle, kitchenware, lighting, cuttlery, to name a few.


Plethora of activities


Campsites have evolved over time and are now real complexes offering lots of entertainment possibilities. You'll have a hard time choosing among all the activities offered: outdoor pool, water slides, proximity to hiking trails, wellness area, entertainment (with playing areas for children) biking paths, courses in trees, sports, dancing evenings, etc.


You understood it, campsites allow you to spend holidays close to nature and away from the world (unless the site is crowded!), in complete autonomy.