The travel community


The hostels are often acclaimed by roaming travelers seeking a base, but also for their community and economic aspect.

Sharing between travelers


Stopover in a hostel, you will first be adherent to the network. This will give you access to a large family of travelers, with whom you can exchange, share and live experiences. It is the community inhabiting the hostel will send you tips and tricks to travel and discover the place where you decide to put your bags for a few nights.




The hostels are generally well located in the heart of the city, or slightly off-center because a significant portion of travelers staying within them are not transported and are dependent on public transport, which restricts their mobility.


Shared rooms


The principle of the hostels being the community and the promotion of exchanges, much of the infrastructure are common, starting with the rooms, dormitories and health. Depending on your budget, you can claim a private room including the bathroom.


Community meal


Most hostels have a kitchen where you can cook using their own utensils. That said, this is not always the case. Some of them also offer meals (breakfast and evening meal mainly, by booking in advance). You can also lean to the common room bar for a drink and share stories with other travelers.


Group Activities


The hostel often put at travelers disposal a games room or relaxing, where you can watch TV, play pool, read a book from the library, or work on a table sipping coffee.


If you are social and search for the contact and exchange with other travelers, hostels will satisfy you.