All of a house


Very similar to the cottage, furnished the tourist has the distinction of being declared in town hall, and require an inventory before and after rental. They meet the requirements of international standards.

Independence framed


Again, like the houses, you will be completely autonomous. After the ceremony carried keys, the tourism furnished will be your new home. However, as with any rental, you will have to do an inventory on arrival and departure locations. Some even furniture tourism will have a lease, for which you will pay a deposit or deposit.


The decor of your choice


The Catering name does not depend on the environment in which said housing is located. There is therefore something for everyone. You can find your happiness as well in the heart of the city of your dreams, at the edge of your favorite beach, in the mountains in a snowy hamlet, or in the countryside, in the shade of the forest.


Quality housing


The guest apartment is, as its name suggests, fully furnished: you will not have to put your bags and get settled in it. controlled and regulated designation, the tourism furnished may be seen as a guarantee of quality, both in the comfort of the service. These are indeed subject to very framed criteria, both the equipment on customer service, through accessibility and sustainability. You can choose a guest apartment with its star rating, and depending on your budget and your expectations.


A kitchen on the top


Again, you will be the master of your own meals. With a fully equipped kitchen (cooktop, oven, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, dishes, pressure cooker) you will have available all the equipment needed to prepare your food. Note that according to the number of stars you furnished, some elements will be optional. Make sure all the equipment you might need is very present in your location.


Activities nearby

Furnished flats rentals are made available by the owners, whether professional or not in the area. It is therefore unlikely that they offer activities within the furnished. For furnished 5 star, you will have a swimming pool, Jacuzzi or tennis courts, but most of the time, you will want to KooKooning activity practicing nearby.