The art of hospitality in Morocco

Having a guest in Morocco is no trivial matter.
It is a codified act, a ceremony born from a long tradition putting hospitality and exchanges in the center of the relationship to one another.

Conscientious hosts


This art of receiving, the riads available on KooKooning mastered it to the perfection, and you will notice it. Riads' hosts are passionate about their profession: it is not uncommon for them to have restored with their own two hands old riads and kasbahs, making gradually emerge from the ground living rooms, suites, hammams, and old fireplaces, which would constitute their future guest house and pride. These hosts will gracefully ensure you have a great holiday by tailoring trips and activities to your needs.


An architecture full of culture


Equivalents of Bed & Breakfasts, Riads are originally jewels of traditional architecture with a central courtyard, not unlike the Roman atrium. With the renewed interest in the preservation of the Moroccan heritage, they have gradually been restored and converted into guest houses to accommodate travelers. However, they represent only a segment of the tourist offer in Morocco.


Richly decorated rooms


Within these Moroccan rooms, the perfumes and incense scents of orange blossom, jasmine and other plants contribute as much to the identity of the place as the rich decoration, often in warm and friendly tones. You will find thick carpets and curtains with intricate designs, as well as bathrooms entirely covered by handmade mosaic.


A cuisine with new flavors


Regarding the table arts, Moroccan gastronomy is less known than it deserves. It is a treasure trove of flavors, with complex blends of spices and sweets: tagines with caramelized meat and honey, quince, couscous, stuffed pigeons, salads and much more. You will almost always have the opportunity to follow the cooks to the market and witness the choice of the ingredients, before participating in the meticulous preparation of the tasty dishes. The dressing of Moroccan tables, elegant and generous, will complete the spectacle brought to the tables by the dishes.


Activities in the heart of the desert


The concept of activity is always present in Moroccan BnBs: you will regularly have the choice between relaxing in the hammam, enjoying a few massages with natural products such as soap and essential oils, or other activities. Some hosts will even organize trekks with camels, rides on quads, bivouac trips of several days in the desert and horse rides.


You understood it, beyond the traditional sleeping, Riads offer an art of living, gastronomy and activities different from what you usually find at home. You have now the opportunity to take the plunge!