The heart of nature

In the traditional sense, the cottage is the rural house, the one located in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea. It is also a house that offers relaxation and introspection, with no hosts nearby...

Discrete hosts


One of the main particularities of the cottage is the absence of hosts within the home itself. Usually located in a separate building or in a separate wing of the owners' home, the cottage is convenient for travelers desiring some independence, especially in terms of food preparation. The keys are given to you for the whole duration of your stay, which you can spend in total freedom. This does not prevent your guests from being considerate and attentive to your every need, especially when it comes to advising you on things to do and see around your temporary home.


A second breath of life for the local architecture


The oldest and most traditional cottages are usually set in old buildings, often abandoned, whose primary function was very different back then. Old commanderies, farmhouses, converted old mills ... These old places are often quite charming and contribute to the activity in the villages where they are located. They also contribute greatly to the charm and success of the stays that take place within them. While some may look rustic in appearance, most are extremely well equipped: accessible, with a kitchen, a living room and a TV cabinet, a laundry room, a wellness area, etc. Everything needed to spend a nice stay, in complete autonomy.


Cozy rooms


Unlike some specialized and less accessible lodgings, tourist cottages offer comfortable and entirely furnished bedrooms: sheets are provided and beds already prepared for your arrival, like in BnBs and hotels.


Cooking at home


Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen to give you the necessary autonomy regarding the preparation of your food. You will not miss anything to prepare succulent homemade dishes, with the arsenal at your disposal: fridge, hob, oven, microwave, freezer, dishwasher, toaster and much more. This homemade cooking will allow you to be more flexible on lunch schedules than a traditional pension or half board. Furthermore, nothing will prevent you then from preparing sandwiches for a long hike and come back late at night.


To each cottage its specialty


In truth, the word cottage is a broad title evoking an entire family of more specific cottages, each linked to a special service or an activity. Thus there are the equestrian cottages for riders, group houses for large numbers of people, lodges for hikers and cyclists, communal houses, children's houses and many others.


In short, the tourist cottage will offer you to live your holiday in complete autonomy regarding your movements and cooking, and all of that without sacrificing the comfort or appeal of the house. Tempted?