Discover the world by bike

Cycling holidays


Many of us enjoy cycling, whether it’s for a simple stroll to enjoy the surrounding landscapes or to travel and discover the world in a saddle. From the most adventurous to the quietest; between friends or in family; by road bike, mountain bike or electric bike, there are for all tastes and for all levels.
Riding your bike is to discover the world around you with a new eye. Reduce your speed, take time to observe, breathe and survey the destination by beaten path and in the midst of nature. In fact, nature says “thank you”! Cycling tourism is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint during your holidays.

Your mind thank us but your body too! Whether your bike is equipped with electric assistance or not, pedalling involves physical activity. A good way to do tourism while feeling good whether you are very sporty or not.
As is customary to say, after effort, comfort. A bike trip can also be an opportunity to discover local specialities: local products, wines, traditional recipes... By the way, don’t hesitate to take a look at the blog, Pedro gives you his best advice!

You will find many cycling enthusiasts like you on KooKooning. Find the activities they offer with a wide choice of rides, tours and unusual discoveries by bike all over France.

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