Creative leisures at the heart of your holidays

Is an artist resting inside of you?


Sometimes it is good to "let go" and let your creativity overflow! You will discover ancestral arts in this thematic such as sewing, origami, pottery, calligraphy, and many others.


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Threads and fabrics


The choice of fabrics, of tools, the cross stitch, the crochet, knitting... So many techniques you can discover or seek to improve here.

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Calligraphy, editions


Writing is ancestral. Reconnect with our roots and learn to wield the pen and ink, whether it is in their visual appearance or in their literary aspect.

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Botany, floral art


Beyond simple gardening, discover floral art and flower arrangement, from the small bouquet to the whole garden. Marry species and fragrances and learn to enliven and color the space around you.

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Home decoration, DIY


We do not have Valérie Damidot at our side, but our guests are very savvy about interior design! Planing a piece of furniture, combining the hues of your decorations and supplies, rearranging a room to rationalize the space...

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Our future and the future of our children is depending on the respect for the planet and its limited resources. Discuss with your host about eco-building techniques, and discover the best techniques for sustainable development.

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Paper folding


Origami and its variants are ways to relax while creating beautiful objects. Your host will accompany you from the choice of the paper to the finishing touches. You can bring your creations home and expose them with pride.

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Learn shaping and coating techniques in pottery and give life here to vases, plates, pots as well as more unusual creations.

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Visual arts (painting, drawing)


If you are more attracted to the fine arts, you can try oil painting, watercolor and charcoal drawing during your stays in this category.

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Doing manual work, shaping abstract or familiar silhouettes attracts you? Some of our guests offer an introduction to terracotta, clay and other mediums. The more adventurous can also try wood carving, or even stone cutting.

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