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What is the 3rd art? Moving according to the definitions, the third art encompasses in turn the plastic arts or the visual arts. On KooKooning, we created this category to list all creative activities related to painting, drawing, watercolor, and other similar practices. These are the ones you can go through in your quest for the ideal artistic stay.


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Most activities related to the visual arts and listed on KooKooning take place in the form of workshops or workshops from a few hours to several days, in groups or individually. It is good to know that in most of the workshops offered, the material will be provided to you, the price of the activity encompassing this one.


You will find these activities on KooKooning, as well as all accommodations located near these workshops, for more conveniences. It is interesting to know that some hosts of accommodation listed on our service offer both accommodation and workshops. They will be delighted to share their knowledge with you, and you will make a stone, two blows!


Traditional drawing

Academic drawing is a highly sought-after discipline at schools of Fine Arts, or in evening classes by passionate professionals. In an internship of this type, you will discover the bases of the drawing and its fundamental techniques: the measurement of your model, the learning of the perspectives, the assembly with the plumb line, the construction of the drapes, the games of shadow and light , The composition and the distribution of the spaces on your sheet. You will experience the drawing of observation through the still lifes in order to learn how to build your volumes and, above all, to observe and decompose the shapes that surround you. Beyond learning the techniques, you will discover and familiarize yourself with the tools that fill the designer's range: gum bread crumb, charcoal, blood, china or acrylic inks, rotring, and many others.


At the crossroads of relaxation and art, you will find the mandala, the rosette, and more generally, all the artistic currents using repetitive patterns, abstract shapes and geometry. In a workshop of this type, you will be able to study the history of the motifs, their semiology and their evolution through history. You will also be able to familiarize yourself with the practice, returning to the nostalgia of the compass, the protractor and the square to realize designs with rigor and perfection.