Relaxation and well-being

Who never wished for relaxation on holidays?


No one! That is why this thematic is in the spotlight on KooKooning.
Are you ready for a well deserved rest?
Discover all the different sub-thematics listed in our general thematic Relaxation and Well-being:


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Heated pool


Do you like aquatic classics? The pool is a safe bet whether it is in the winter or in the summer. Indoors or outdoors, large or small, we gathered a nice range of pools that will please you.

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What would be a thematic focused on relaxation without a Jacuzzi in the room? Timeless, discover all the different forms of the famous bubble bath... We particularly recommend the jacuzzi in the evening!

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Find accommodations with the required equipment to help you in your fitness training, beyond gentle sports and massages.

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Relaxation, yoga, Tai Chi...


If you would prefer your relaxation to be a little more dynamic, this category offering various soft sports will please you.

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Are you an avid fan of "sea cures"? Discover all our accommodations offering the marine climate, mud baths, seaweed baths, sand baths, and many other specialties.

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The standard of excellence in relaxation is still the massage! Discover here the different types of massages you can enjoy and the accommodations providing them.

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The hammam is composed of steam rooms. Turkish variant of the sauna, it will relax your muscles and relieve your persistent aches ... until you fall asleep! Ideal to get a good night's sleep.

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Saunas are so well-known in our culture already that we do not feel the need to introduce them again. Imported from Scandinavia, this practice will make you sweat. And you will love every second of it.

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Trainings (sophrologie, relaxation...)


You wish to train yourself and learn relaxation techniques, personal development methods, and others, while enjoying your holidays? Combine the two in one stay, by booking a KooKooning accommodation offering the courses of your choice.

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