Automn stay to enjoy Indian Summer

Autumn stay to enjoy the summer

The leaves begin to blush, the days shorten, and yet the temperatures are still mild: autumn is here! Or rather the Indian summer is there so the days are pleasant, rocked by the sun.

This weather incites to enjoy all weekend or more if possible (autumn holidays). October is the ideal month to promote our definition of Slow Tourism: a local tourism, immersive and respectful of Man and his environment. The idea is no longer to cross the globe or the country but rather to discover the hidden treasures right next door through an autumn stay. KooKooning is the perfect companion to help you in this quest.

Discover Autumn stay to enjoy the summer

Looking for ideas for autumn stay?

Our search engine combining lodgings and activities will allow you to find an idea of ​​Weekend from a particular desire: discover the truffle, learn the pottery, taste local products, ...
Here is the example of 4 fall stay ideas to go with family or friends that will make you love the Indian summer season. Do not hesitate to tell us other ideas for stays perfectly adapted to the Autumn Weekend.

Mushroom picking on a beautiful autumn day

Enjoy the start of the season still soft and sunny for a picking out! It is the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air in the forest or in the meadows, to play in the leaves and to recharge.
During the first outings we do not necessarily know the corners with mushrooms, that is why it may be interesting to be accompanied by experienced people like Francine or Jean & Bernadette. This will allow you to be sure to find mushrooms, that these are edible, but also to learn how to cook them.

Fall botanical stay

If you do not like mushrooms, the autumn offers many other surprises: chestnuts, hazelnuts, or even wild mulberries. Think also of the associative gardens such as Alosnys, where you can discover the fauna and flora and harvest seasonal vegetables. You can still find some nice flowers in a automn stay.
Later in the season, when the temperatures begin to fall and the sky is covered, it is sometimes nice to stay indoors warm in its cocoon / kookoon. Hence the following proposition ...

Creative hobbies on a rainy autumn day

Autumn is also rain ... Not want to get wet? Yet it is necessary to find an occupation. Whether you're a DIY (Do It Yourself) or a novice in the field, it's time to let your creativity run wild!
We suggest you try sewing or knitting. These two practices come back strong: make clothes for the whole family, from the simple scarf to the dress. Knitting can easily be practiced as a family, you just need to invest in a few balls and needles. For novices, a single tutorial video will let you know the basics, and for the lucky ones, Granny will be happy to introduce you!
As for sewing, many workshops are offered by beginners and experienced enthusiasts, children and adults, girls and boys. At KooKooning it is Isabelle who will be happy to let you discover the activity.

Horse riding to enjoy the indian summer

The term "Indian summer" is often used to refer to autumn, yet the definition is more precise and gives hope to the more cautious among us.
Around mid-November, once the first cold weather had passed, when one resigned oneself to pulling out the down jackets and the scarves, a cough could happen. It is the true Indian summer, enough to enjoy the last sun before the arrival of winter!
What could be more enjoyable than a short horseback ride in nature to discover the autumn landscapes under a new eye? For beginners or confirmed, adults or children, our hosts offer a wide choice of equestrian excursions nearest to you or your place of holidays.

Of course, you can imagine other automn stay according to your desire and the weather forecast ! 

Enjoy your automn stay with KooKooning !

Posted on Oct. 4, 2018.