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Posted on Nov. 10, 2017 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

Which rider has never dreamed of going on holiday with his horse?

Then we push the deadline: I do not have time to look where to go, it's too complicated to organize, it does not interest my family, equestrian stays is too expensive ... with this article you go see that it's not that complicated!

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Posted on Oct. 10, 2017 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

We are not talking about Indian summer but really summer that is continuing. The summer holidays play the extra time but without the hustle of July-August. But more for the same ones! Families had to take the path back to school. Then those who worked in July-August take over in September. A study reveal that you are now more than 7 million people to make the choice of September for your summer vacation. KooKooning is the ideal companion for the preparation of this summer vacation which continues until the end of September!

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Posted on Aug. 31, 2017 in Pedro and Valentina diaries

For most of us, August means summer holidays and mostly family holidays. This is the month of the laughter of children and their first discoveries: sand castles, games in the waves, long ballads, buddies who do not speak the same language ... But August also leaves memories of corks on the highway, sunburn, hustle, ... Here is the KooKooning family holiday story in August.

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Posted on July 12, 2017 in Events

First month of the "great holidays" or summer holidays, the month of July is punctuated by the stages of the Tour de France. Whether you are a cycling fan or not, the 2017 Tour remains one of the must-see events of this month of July 2017. Some even go so far as to stall their holidays on the different stages of the Tour and discover France at the rhythm of this roaming somewhat The Others will be content to see a stop near their holiday resort to fully enjoy the chosen destination the rest of the stay.

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Posted on May 1, 2017 in

This long weekend of 3 days for the 1st May was held in Nîmes a new edition of the Great Roman Games during which the city is transformed. A stay in Nîmes on this occasion plunges you into the heart of a historical re-enactment amid the architectural treasures of the Roman Empire. The show in the Arena (this year : "Queen Boudica") will be the highlight of your day or Weekend in Nimes if you had the good idea to spend one or two nights to better imbue yourself with the atmosphere.

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