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Posted on Feb. 11, 2016 in Events

The whole KooKooning team wishes you a happy Valentine's day !
It might be the occasion to find an accommodation worthy of your romantic aspirations...


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Posted on Feb. 5, 2016 in Pedro's touristical experiences

When Valentina suggested that they spend an entire week-end with the whole family, the final result wasn't exactly what Pedro expected... At least the part where Valentina's parents were joining them on their trip!

Pedro wasn't such a cliché that he hated his step-family. Quite on the contrary, he loved them dearly. Valentina's father enjoyed life greatly, and you could always count on him to fire jokes. Her mother was a quiet, petite sloth with infinite wisdom. But to go as far as to take them on holidays with them ? Odd.

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Posted on Jan. 29, 2016 in Pedro's touristical experiences

When the first rays of sunlight sipped through the curtains to tickle Pedro's face in his b'n'b room, he was snoring energically.

Pedro had really enjoyed the locavore table d'hôtes that he had booked the previous evening, and had consequently devoured all the vegetables from the garden, as well as the farandole of local products put onto his plate, without batting as much as an eyelash. Now, his healthy digestion made him a tad noisy... But not as much as the alarm clock suddenly going off in the room and echoing on the walls.

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