Gourmet stay by bike

Gourmet Stay by Bike

Combining effort and comfort is all the promise of a Gourmet Bike Weekend! That's why we wanted to propose a new idea for your stay: to organise a gourmet bike ride.

Kookooning's team like to ride a bike and even more during the holidays. It is an opportunity to combine tourism, sport-health and culture while retaining the values of Slow Tourism that are important to us: discovering sites and landscapes and sharing with the local population.

Discover Gourmet Stay by Bike

Cyclotourism, Kesako?

In recent years cycling tourism or bicycle tourism is booming; it has even been recently recognized as being of public utility.

By road bike, mountain bike or even electric bike; for half a day or several weeks; with family or friends, everyone can enjoy it whatever his desires or his level.

This activity is also much more accessible today thanks to the introduction throughout France and Europe of lanes reserved for bicycles (or greenways), such as the EuroVelo network for example. So much so that France has been elected the first cycling destination this year (ViaRhona, DolceVia, Vélodyssée, ...). These infrastructures make it possible to drive in complete safety, far from the main roads, while borrowing tourist itineraries.

And if the physical effort is a last brake, many destinations now offer rentals of electric assistance bicycles (VAE). This is the case, for example, of the Ardèche Hermitage Tourist Office, which also offers recommended rides for electric-assisted bicycles, particularly in the vineyards.

Balade à vélo sur la plage

Discover the Vélodyssée

The VélOdyssée which runs along the Atlantic from Brittany to Spain is a good example. With representative sections of this idea of a gourmet stay by bike, for example: from Royan to Oléron (the activity proposed above).

Pedaling is good for the body and the mind, but it is also about enjoying. So what a better way to discover the richeness of our land and awaken our taste buds?

This is the subject of this article: mixing cycling with discovering local products, gastronomy and why not oenology! But beware alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, even on your bike!

Follow the guide…

Viticulture and oenology

Wine, probably one of the greatest pride of our country. Indeed the work of the vineyard is a know-how appreciated throughout the world and deserves to be explored. North, South, East, West, ... with nearly 900,000 hectares of vineyards spread over 80 departments, you have the choice of the destination! And it's also an opportunity to find out what's next to you. It must be said that in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, we are really concerned because the range of possibilities is very wide.

So why not cross the vineyards by bike before making a stop at the estate to discover the work of the winemaker and taste his production?

vue d'un vignoble

Discover Vouvray vineyard by bike

The budding vines, the grapes that grow, no doubt, between the end of April and the end of July, this is the ideal time to plan your next oenological stay by bike.

And between you and us, whether we like wine or not, these farms offer us great landscapes, whatever the region.

By the way, be carefull, if you decide to leave after the tasting. Cycling also alcohol and driving do not mix ...

And here is a small selection of gourmet bike trips among the many offers on Kookooning:


The wine is a good thing, but the richness and the diversity of our gastronomy offers you many other possibilities of stays.

From the oyster hut on the Oleron Island, the saffron farm in the Var or even the visit to a Provencal beekeeper, the list of activities available to us is long!

The best solution to know the gastronomic heritage of a region remains the discovery of products and their method of manufacture in their place of production. But it is also to meet and be able to interact with the craftsmen who work every day to preserve those skills and traditions.

mains de boulanger

But back to our sheep, or rather our sloth ... And if instead of taking the car, you decide to ride your bike? More eco-friendly, certainly, but not only! Here we are sure, you will love to ride along moutain's pastures, salt marshes on the seashore or the lavender fields by pedaling.

Even before arriving at the place of manufacture you will enjoy these delicious moments to observe beautiful landscapes from a new point of view.

We list many activities all more gourmet and original than the others. Various products throughout the territory to discover new know-how ... Let yourself be seduced!

So, enjoy your gourmet ride... By bicycle!

Posted on April 10, 2019.