KooKooning: Green Tourism and Nature Stay

Green Tourism and Nature Stay

Today I decided to talk to you about green tourism, also known as ecotourism.

Recently Pedro and I have proposed to you ideas of nature holidays: holidays in the countryside, cycling tourism, zero waste holidays ... This time it is not really on the organization of a nature stay that I offer you my help; rather I would like to introduce you to places very popular by travellers practicing green tourism.

Kookooning is lucky to be located in the Drôme. We are therefore surrounded by landscapes more fascinating than each other. So to illustrate my envy of green tourism, I chose a photo of the Ecrins National Park in order to stay close to my home and make you enjoy the beauty of this landscape. Why am I doing this? Because it is very representative of what one is looking for during a nature stay: discover a new environment and new landscapes while participating in its preservation.

A National Park... but what exactly is it? What is its purpose, its objective? And what difference is there with a Regional Natural Park, a Nature Reserve, a UNESCO Geopark,...

So, follow me, Valentina helps you to see more clearly in the middle of all these fantastic landscapes...

Discover Green Tourism and Nature Stay

Posted on May 3, 2019.