A family animal stay

A family animal stay

Are you passionate about nature and animals?So take a few days to discover them in their everyday life during a family animal stay! Its an ideal getaway to give a breath to parents and children: take care of them, feed them… And leave with your head full of stars and unforgettable memories!

There is an other advantage: you don’t have to go far away from home to have a wonderful family animal stay. There must be an educational farm or an animal park close to you, and some may even offer to meet amazing animals! Looking for something new? Of course, you can leave a little further away to discover new landscapes and exotic animals. Whatever, it is time to discover, meet and above all respect and protection of animals.

We are really disapointed but actually none of our members offers you to observe sloths in our natural environment or in a refuge, but you can always come and meet us at Kookooning office ;-)

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Posted on May 17, 2019.