KooKooning: Summer Holidays : What to do on July 14th ?

Summer Holidays : What to do on July 14th ?

The summer holidays are coming up, the sun, the sea or the mountains, with family or friends… We all know, first of all May and then June, the barbecues and the weekend walks are multiplying and for the luckiest of you it is also the time of the first seabaths... You have probably already booked your accommodation for the school holiday period, and if you didn’t, don't panic, our Kookooneurs will probably be able to find you a little place! Visit the Kookooning website and find the accommodation of your dreams !

Whether you prefere July or August, what is certain is that the majority of us will enjoy the school holidays between July 14th and August 15th. But not always easy to know what to do for this no working day (in France). That's why we decided to propose you some activities to carry out especially on July 14th.

And honestly... Thinking about summer holidays allowed us to escape a little, head towards our next destinations!

Discover Summer Holidays : What to do on July 14th ?

July 14th - French National Day

July 14th is the French National Day. On this day, in 1789 the famous jail, the Bastille was taking by revolutionnary soldiers. Nowadays you can't see anything of this monument except fragments of walls in some houses or in the corridors of the Paris Metropolitain and big square paving stones on the ground. It's true! The ground of the "Place de la Bastille" is delimited the former location of the prison. You did not know it? Well, here are some details that you can see during your next visit to Parisl!

This day where nobody works (except tourism professionals), whether we already enjoy school holidays or not, we want it active! So here are some ideas of things to see or do for July 14th precisely. Hoping that the sun will be there too!


From commemorations to fireworks


Who says National Day says commemoration. They take place in all the cities of France, it is the occasion to explain to the youngest ones why we celebrate this day. Because beyond the military tribute, July 14th is an important symbol for our country that reminds us of our duty to remember.

But what would be July 14th without its fireworks, often the most impressive of the year! Here again all the cities propose to the inhabitants and the tourists to meet together to look at the sky and to be impressed. For parents and children, it's a magical moment during which the eyes sparkle ... It is necessary to wait until the night has completely fallen, then the children will take care late ... But finally it does not matter, it's the holidays school! An unbeatable show!

We quickly drew up a list of some grandiose fireworks:

  • Paris at the Eiffel Tower: Always impressive, it illuminates the capital and his Iron Lady for more than half an hour! On the lawn of the Champs de Mars or from the top of Montmartre, you can observe it wherever you are.
  • Carcassonne, in the heart of the medieval city: Famous all over the world, this fireworks is fired from the ramparts, the whole city is illuminated with a thousand lights for a dazzling spectacle!
  • Lyon: "The City of Enlightenment" have to be great this evening. From the heights of the city a big show is waiting for you.
  • The Pont du Gard: The Roman monument listed as UNESCO World Heritage is magnified by an amazing fireworks show.
  • The cliffs of Etretat: Only for this frame! Whether you watch it from the beach or from the cliffs, the sparks reflect on the sea for exceptional fireworks.
  • Lake of Annecy: It's a bit like Etretat .. This beautiful lake landscape surrounded by alpine mountains will also make you capsize at night under the lights of the fireworks.

Find a longer list


Other events you can't miss

The "Tour de France"

Tour de France cyclists

A symbol of the month of July : the Tour de France. Whether one is a bike fan or not everyone knows about this event and has probably seen runners once in a lifetime. Sportingly it remains an impressive event, the most difficult according to cyclists because of the many passes and especially its duration (3 weeks). This is the race in which competitor wants to participate and the most famous in the world.
It also represents in our minds the beginning of the school holidays! And what about this journey across the country ... The opportunity to discover the richness of our landscapes and perhaps to create a discovering desire for a future stay?

This year, for 14th July the Tour de France riders will connect "St Etienne" to "Brioude" in the "Haute Loire" after 170 kilometers of effort. So if you are in the area why not go on the tour route? This is a very nice experience to live, we spoke about it on the blog in 2017 by the way: the excitement around the event, foreign tourists come to encourage their champions and the inevitable caravan! A moment adored by children, so happy to leave with some goodies of sponsors caught flying. Be careful and don't forget caps, sunscreen and water bottles to wait for the runners!

More things about the Tour de France


Music Festivals

audience music festival

For the youngest and the music fans, school holidays are synonymous with parties and festivals! Sun is shining, you feel good, so yes we party outside and we listen to music loudly. All summer and throughout France are held festivals, the largest and famous until village festivals, always on various themes.
To make an exhaustive list is almost impossible but you can find a good part of it by clicking here.

As for the 14th of July, we propose you (for the most famous ones) to go to Aix-les-Bains, on the edge of Lake Bourget for Musilac or to La Rochelle and its pretty historic city center for the famous Francofolies .


Whatever the place of your holiday, you will inevitably find an activity that suits you to celebrate July 14th with french people!

Posted on June 13, 2019.