KooKooning: European Sustainable Development Week and World Responsible Tourism Day

European Sustainable Development Week and World Responsible Tourism Day

From May 30th to June 5th is the European Week of Sustainable Development. This European initiative aims to raise the awareness of professionals and individuals about sustainable development and the impacts that everyone can have on the environment. When we talk about sustainable development, we think about "environment" first. However, economic development and social aspects are also to be taken into consideration.

During this week, there is a special day for the KooKooning team: The World Responsible Tourism Day.

If many of us are already sensitive to the protection of the environment and socio-economic issues this is not the case for everyone and especially during holidays. There are countless times when we could hear "I pay attention all year, I sort my waste, but on vacation I do not want to think about it" or even "The green holidays? No thank you, it's a bobo thing. "And so on ...
Tourism is often experienced as a kind of "colonization" during which visitors do not always respect local populations (whether in France or abroad). Then we see a flush of people who see tourism as a huge industry empty of meaning. Responsible tourism, sustainable tourism or even ecotourism (and all its variants) goes against these practices by putting local people in the heart of the journey, promoting activities that are more respectful of the environment and encouraging travelers to adopt more responsible behavior. In the line of sight, the objective is to transform consumers into cosum'actors, regardless of the subject.

In this article it is what we wanted to present to you. Initiatives exist to accompany the general awareness. And, finally, what really is a responsible tourist ? We draw the portrait of the eco-traveler and you will see that traveling in a sustainable way is really within everyone's reach.
So zoom in on these two events and on sustainable development in the context of tourism more precisely.

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Posted on May 31, 2019.