A relaxing yoga stay

A relaxing yoga stay

Yoga is a sports method that focuses on the well-being of the body and mind. More and more, French people practice it every week, in order to take time for themselves but also to recharge and sculpt their bodies.

But this sport can also be combined with holidays or weekends, for example as part of a relaxing yoga stay, tai-chi or qi-gong.This type of holiday develops everywhere in France but also abroad, to discover natural methods related to well-being and to become familiar with these sports with many benefits.

We give you all the keys to organize your relaxing yoga stay.

Discover A relaxing yoga stay

Book a relaxing stay: the yoga benefits

Yoga is a practice originating in India, whose goal was to unify man and allow him to connect his body and mind. Today, the types of yoga are numerous and allow to associate a sporting and spiritual practice, within the framework of relaxing stays and yoga classes.
If the practice of yoga has developed in France in recent years, it is that this sport has various benefits: firstly, thanks to a complete activity, yoga allows to work all parts of the body and thus to regain tonicity and harmony.
With intense work of maintaining the postures, sometimes for several minutes, associated with work on your balance, yoga can also improve its concentration in everyday life and be more efficient.
Yoga also associates body postures with breathing exercises: this commonly called pranayama. Thus, by doing yoga, one improves one's respiratory capacities while cleaning one's body in depth.
These various coordinated exercises bring us to one of the major benefits of yoga, which is the reduction of stress in a sustainable way. Indeed, taking even one hour, a weekend, just for oneself, allows to make a real break with our daily life and the multitude of information we receive every day. This practice can be combined with a relaxing stay in a private spa, to enjoy both the benefits of yoga and massages.

The different types of yoga

yoga stay hatha vinyasa

Relaxing yoga stays are now numerous and varied: indeed, yoga styles are very diverse and allow you to focus on different effects. Hatha and Vinyasa are the most widespread practices in France.
The first is based on a gentle practice of yoga, with slow postures and moments of pause between each movement, called "Savasana". The Vinyasa is more dynamic and demands a more sustained practice of yoga with a series of postures.
There are also yoga classes called "Yin", which requires a maintenance of each posture for three to five minutes, for a deep stretch.
But the types of yoga count in ten, the best is to test several to find the style of yoga adapted to your desires and needs. It is also recommended to choose different types of yoga depending on the time of day or the time of year.

More modern yoga styles have also emerged, such as Bikram yoga, which is practiced in a heated room about 40 degrees, to combine practice with a detoxification of the whole body.
The practice of yoga can also be combined with other sports, including tai chi.


What is a relaxing stay around yoga?

relaxing stay yoga in crete

You may have heard of it, without daring to inform or book this type of trip yourself. Relaxing stays, wellness, relaxation or yoga oriented are more and more numerous and flourish everywhere in France and in the whole world.
The principle is simple: take time for yourself in places filled with serenity, in the countryside or by the sea, while discovering relaxation methods but also a new way to breathe and take care of yourself. The stays can last sometimes a week, and are proposed everywhere in France, but also in Europe, as for example in Crete.

For a weekend or a complete relaxing yoga stay, you can enjoy private lessons or small groups, but also meditation classes or even artistic courses to learn to paint while interacting with people. teachers present to share their best practices.
These relaxing yoga breaks are available in many areas, most often in the countryside, while being accessible in just a few hours by car or train. You will find yourself in the middle of nature, in a luxuriant and favorable environment relaxation.

Who are the relaxing stays for?

relaxing yoga and surf stay

To all ! These weekends or holidays are intended for all profiles, whether you are sports or not, stressed or relaxed. Indeed, taking time for yourself is something often forgotten because of the already busy daily life that we all impose on ourselves. The discovery of yoga during a relaxing stay opens up to new practices, but also to escape, to rest, and simply to take time for yourself. In addition, many relaxing stays can be used to enjoy other activities, such as surfing, as part of seaside trips.

Yoga is also a practice whose goal is not to achieve the perfection of a posture, but rather the improvement and especially the control of one's body and one's mind. Thus, yoga stays are for beginners as well as experienced ones, because each posture can be adapted according to the levels.
Far from the competition, yoga is a sport without judgment, where the goal is to achieve one's own well-being without comparing oneself to others.


As you can see, a relaxing yoga stay is the perfect getaway to rest and get into shape, all in a green and comfortable setting. Meetings, sport, relaxation are the rendezvous, all for a weekend or holiday on the theme of well-being.

Posted on May 8, 2019.