Weekend ideas for a Bachelorette Party

Weekend ideas for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Organizing a Bachelorette Party weekend is never easy! And, that's true for boys too. Between availability, budgets, the tastes of everyone ... that's why we decided to make your life easier at KooKooning. We are not specialists in Bachelor party yet, but our accommodations and activities are quite suitable.

So, we listed what seemed interesting to us as if we were the organizers of a Bachelorette Weekend for our best friend!

Discover Weekend ideas for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Well, of course, we will differenciate the activities that correspond rather to a group of girls, of those rather reserved for boys. But many activities and accommodations are suitable for both categories. So, we decided to use the term bachelorette party weekend generically. When our choices are too masculine, we mention bachelor party weekend. This decision will prevent you from reading too often bachelorette party / bachelor party ;-)


Organize an original bachelorette party weekend

So, it is on you that the heavy responsibility fell to organizr this memorable weekend: the bachelor(ette) party of your best friend (e).


Where to go

Better to restrict yourself to less than 3 hours of transport around your home, the goal is still to enjoy this bachelorette party weekend to have fun. The advantage of choosing a destination near you (the future bride), it is also to save money on the transport budget, in favor of the outings and activities budget !

And then, we are more and more quartered at the four corners of the globe, there's no need to add transport constraints.

Ideal activities for an original bachelorette party weekend

In search of thrills?

You and your friends are "daredevils" and love to get adrenaline? The bachelorette party is a good opportunity for that, plus you'll be sure everyone will remember it all their life!


bachelorette party weekend

Here is a selection of the most common bachelorette party weekend activities and those that would make us want to join the KooKooning team.

Canyoning activity in Isère

Loïc takes you to discover the canyons of Isère, in Vercors or Chartreuse, starting from Grenoble. You will be able to choose the rhythm of the descent: from the discovery to the most sportive according to your tastes. A half day of sensations, good mood, and natural slides for your bachelorette party weekend!

canyoning bachelorette party weekend

Canyoning is one of the favorite activities of bachelor and bachelorette party.


Baptism of the air in paragliding

We took the example of aerial flights of Vif in Isère. This is not because we have a paraglider in the team but simply because paragliding is among the most popular activities for a bachelorette party weekend . So, you will say "not very original", maybe, but so exciting to fly to ... her wedding!

paragliding bachelorette party weekend

Jeanvi and his team of qualified instructors offer you paragliding and hang-gliding flights. You will be able to offer the future bride an experience with an overview of the most beautiful landscapes of the region. And then you can enjoy it too ... if you dare.

For the more adventurous, you can also choose the parachute and try the big jump for an unforgettable bachelorette party weekend!

There is also the alternative of Acroparc which offers several activities of nature sports in one place. We can, for example, advise you the AcroParc in Die: Drome Adventure, which has a special offer "bachelor party".


Tubing with friends
You can ride 5 people per buoy to discover the pleasure of sliding on the water. Sensations and laughs guaranteed! Do not forget your swimsuits, the rest of the material is provided.

We are takers of your photos!


Surfing initiation
The bride has always dreamed of trying surfing? So this is the opportunity.

Surf for bachelorette party weekend


In addition you can all participate in the activity at the same time, which is nice. Sebastian will provide you the boards and the combinations, think once again of the swimsuits and the towels for this bachelorette party weekend by the sea!

Find our other thrills and spills activities for a bachelorette party weekend 

Behind this link, the selection of all KooKooning ads under the theme "thrills":


Here we go, we treated the classic dimension "adrenaline". For those for which bachelorette party rhymes with Epicureanism, you're in the right place. Well, to say it right away, striptease and other naughty services will not be on KooKooning. Sorry for those who misinterpreted our slogan "If you are looking for more than a bed".

Sweetness and greed break for your bachelorette party

Vegan Cooking Workshops

bachelorette party vegan cooking workshop

Patryk offers a convivial moment around the vegetable cooking. You can discover new foods and taste your preparations. The perfect cooking workshop for a bachelorette party weekend with a future bride who loves cooking!


Tasting at the market hall of Biarritz

Bachelorette party weekend Biarritz market hall tasting

Martin takes you on a walk through the famous market hall of Biarritz. You will be immersed in the Basque culture and the market atmosphere. You will be able to meet the producers, and of course make numerous tasting stops: Bayonne ham, foie gras, truffle omelette, cheese and wine ... if you are a bunch of epicurean friends, this is a must for your bachelorette party weekend. 

We offer other cooking and tasting activities, including oenological (warning : alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, and we often realize it during bachelorette party).

Find our other terroir and gourmet activities for your bachelorette party weekend


What if your bachelorette party became a creative moment?

Scrapbooking initiation


Calou offers a workshop to create an original and personalized mini photo album. The opportunity to spend a creative moment with your friends. You'll even be able to reuse what you've picked up to make a nice album of your bachelorette party weekend, or wedding!

Learn how to make your essential oils balm

bachelorette party activity make your essential oil balm

Hugues welcomes you in the countryside of Drôme (near Valence) to teach you how to make your own essential oils balm. A nature break and aromatherapy that will allow you to leave with a balm adapted to the needs of each of you.

DIY activity : wedding deco

bachelorette party wedding deco in DIY

Rendez-vous near Montélimar for an activity of the most original and ultra adapted to the situation! Do It Yourself fans will be thrilled. Claude, passionate about fine arts and craftswoman will share her expertise and her good mood for a wedding deco day. In her Montilian home, customize the wedding dress, create sugar-coated sachets or a wedding board. Not too bad for a bachelorette party weekend, right? Do not hesitate to contact Claude if the bride wants to fully prepare the decoration of her wedding, she can guide her on a full week!

Find our other creative activities for your bachelorette party weekend


A relaxation and well-being bachelorette party

Privatized hammam and sauna in Brittany

Hammam and sauna bachelorette party

Enjoy the calm of a private spa located in the heart of a Breton mansion. Hammam, sauna, essential oils, bathrobes ... everything is provided for you to enjoy the moment.

Break in a private spa

Private spa for bachelorette party weekend

This time, heading South of France! The spa is located in the gardens of a beautiful Roman house in Uzès. Guests can enjoy outdoor or indoors activities. From 8 people you can fully privatize the villa. Meals, make-up, massages ... everything is provided for your comfort. You can even book the spa at night for your bachelorette party weekend!

Find our other wellness activities for your bachelorette party weekend


The evening, the night of a bachelorette party weekend 

Bachelorette party

As for the rest of the evening for the most party-goers, apart from a tapas bar in Biarritz, we do not have much to offer you on KooKooning. We will let you search for a nice place to go out in the area, and do not hesitate to suggest your ideas for this bachelorette party weekend!


Accomodation: where to sleep for an bachelorette party?

A bachelorette party in an unusual accommodation

On a houseboat

Houseboat for your bachelorette party

Welcome aboard the Mirage! The 3 cabins can accommodate two people each. You will also have access to a large terrace, nice for the early evening, there is even a jacuzzi! The houseboat is located near Carcassonne for a sunny bachelorette party weekend.

Find our other barges everywhere in France


In a bubble in Charente Maritime

Sleep in a bubble bachelorette party


Less than 1 hour from Bordeaux, the 3 bubbles of Pierre can accommodate up to 9 people in total. The bubbles are in the middle of trees, surrounded by nature, guaranteed tranquility. This is the perfect place if you want to take a nature and ecology break during your bachelorette party weekend. You can order food at the caterer who will offer you organic dishes cooked with local products, but also sweets and champagne! You will wake up with a hearty breakfast on the terrace of your bubble, plus the price is included in the price of the night.

If the Charente Maritime is a bit far for you, find our other bubbles everywhere in France


In a yurt in the Pas de Calais

Bachelorette party sleep in a yurt


No need to go to Mongolia to be disoriented during your bachelorette party weekend, this is even possible in the Pas de Calais! Even if we are from Drôme, we try to offer you unusual experiences everywhere in France and little by little in the world.

The yurts of Nathalie are less than 1 hour from Lille and Lens and can accommodate up to 14 people. The advantage is that you can also enjoy the usual comfort with shower and toilet, as well as breakfast served in the yurt.

And if you are not from the North, we offer other yurts in France.  


Perched in a hut in the Gard

Bachelorette party hut in the trees

These perched huts are located in Rochegude, less than an hour from Orange and Montelimar and can accommodate a total of 8 people. If you are more numerous Cédric will be able to offer you other unusual accommodations for your bachelorette party weekend, like overwater chalets.

The little extra: you can order aperitif baskets with wine, champagne, olives, sausage ... to taste directly on the terrace of your cabins!

We also offer huts elsewhere in France


In a trailer near Deauville

Unsual bachelorette party in a trailer

Go for the Cote Fleurie for your bachelorette party weekend. Gilles will welcome you to his bohemian lodgings, including a trailer. You can enjoy the outdoor greenery for a barbecue feet in the grass. You will be less than 30 minutes from Honfleur and Deauville, so you can go to the seaside, the casino, and discover the water activities during your stay.

All our selection of unusual accommodation: trailer, wagon, ...


All-inclusive bachelorette party weekends

Some KooKooning hosts have already planned everything for you! You will only have the transport to manage, not bad, right?

week end EVJF tout compris

Some ideas of combinations original accommodation + activities for a bachelorette party

Your all-inclusive EVJF weekend in Valence

all inclusive bachelorette party weekend

Our host Erick welcomes you less than 20 minutes from Valence, welcome to Valsoyo! You can sleep in rooms on country themes, or in huts. In Valsoyo you will not miss outdoor activities to have fun with your friends: zip line, rafts, riddle course ... as for the evening, Erick also offers meals, and a room with equipment and even entertainment.


Your EVJF weekend in Morocco

all inclusive bachelorette party weekend Marocco

Morocco is not so far or very expensive if you take your tickets a little early. Françoise will be very happy to welcome you to "La vie en rose" for a weekend. In Marrakech, you can participate in Moroccan cooking workshops, horseback rides, relax the time of massages and treatments, and enjoy the pool and the sun, not too bad as a program with friends?


Your bachelorette party weekend in the mountains

All inclusive bachelorette party mountain

Jérémy welcomes you to Altipik for a tailor-made stay less than 1 hour from Geneva and Annecy. You will sleep in lodges with a "glamping" atmosphere. As for the meals and the bar, you will be able to taste mountain dishes , fondue, charcuterie, and wines of Savoy. You can choose your activities: zip line, gourmet rally, spa and well-being ...

Feel free to share your ideas!

Have a good weekend and see you soon on KooKooning;)

Posted on May 14, 2018.