Use KooKooning as a PMS to manage easily your business

Manage easily your Business with KooKooning

Beyond the relationship between hosts and travelers, KooKooning is also a response to all the needs of tourism providers to manage and promote their "business": booking management, availability synchronization, contact management, website creation, Facebook application and of course an ad on our (and mobile) web platform that combines search for hosting, activities and things to see to enable thematic preparation.

Discover Manage easily your Business with KooKooning

As a member of KooKooning you will see in the navigation bar appear a "My Ads" menu once you have created at least one ad. This space "advertiser" goes beyond the simple management of your listing on KooKooning and allows you to fully manage your business, so we would like to call "provider space," but ... "My Listing" seemed evocative for new entrants to the service.

Fully manage your business with KooKooning may sound pretentious but we think you will really be reached, missing things, feel free to report them ;-)! I will not go into the details of the entry "ads" that allows you especially to precisely define a benefit to make an announcement KooKooning rates to photos via descriptions and especially the thematic aspect that characterizes our service.

Menu Mes Annonces KooKooning


The most important point to claim this ability to manage your business is undoubtedly the management of availability famous! And here we AVNS well advanced since you can now synchronize (import / export) your calendars and from other competitors or your digital calendar services (Google or Apple Calendar, Outlook, etc.).

Synchronisation des disponibilités et widget

You can choose to use KooKooning as a basis to inform your availability directly in the table or by selecting date ranges:

tableau / calendrier de disponibilités

Then, we grouped the information availability in the schedule of rates of each ad for quick visibility more information at a glance: rates, minimum stay and availability (with booking information).

calendrier des tarifs et dispo

Finally, we also allow you to recover a widget that will allow you to present the availability calendar on your website, blog or Facebook page.


This is another important part of managing your business to be able to find your bookings at a glance. Initially, we may store here that bookings from KooKooing or KooKooning WebSites. Now you can manually create booking. This is especially convenient when you receive requests by phone or you want to store the reservations received via email or other means.

gestion des réservations sur KooKooning

The only point we do not manage ... still is to retrieve them from reservations that would be a competitor channel. The alternative used by some houses is to use the creation of manual booking. Thus created reservations updated automatically put availability and appear in the schedule of rates.


For accommodation listings or activities that have subscribed to the Premium Pack or Pack Pro we present a transparent and accurate analysis of a consultation of relevant ads in business terms, click on the contact botons, route, call, etc.


We have a management of comments that are based on 'real' bookings done through KooKooning. We will propose soon to include the review from listing. We will inform you soon about this new feature.


This is our latest development and certainly not the least important since it allows you to efficiently manage your leads contacts or customers. In the same way that we did for bookings, contacts are either directly from a book, or generated by a manual contact creation form.

gestion des contacts (prospect / client) KooKooning

We consider as Lead those who do not have to stay / book with you and, Customer theothers. The contact creation form is very intuitive and quick to complete (most fields are optional).

Création d'un contact KooKooning

So your contacts are saved and you can export just to prepare mailings for example.


We could say here "the best for last!" so we are proud of this feature which should simplify the lives of many tourism providers, including owners of guest rooms which also offer activities.

Indeed, it is already not easy to create a website for a gite or a guest room that is suitable for all media (Responsive), clear and reflects the proposed stay. But it is even more complex to "connect" this Web site to its management tool to provide an availability search engine (and no longer receive requests on unavailable for slots already reserved). And finally, it would be interesting to propose a pre-payment online to reliable booking requests. And even if you manage to find a solution to it all ... what guarantee perennity for this installation? Are you going to provide a medium term overhaul? and your website will be there well referenced? It is for these reasons that we have implemented this last feature that allows you:

  • get your storefront on the web in 3 clicks then refine if you wish,
  • to limit the starting cost through a subscription that guarantees the durability of the system,
  • communicate around your own identity : my-guest-house....
  • to completely personalize your content.
  • change theme when you like,
  • to increase your direct booking

Here are some examples of websites made by this tool:

So why not yours?

More information on the dedicated WebSite to this offer:

Posted on Nov. 29, 2016.