Week-end heritage and culture in Nimes

Great Roman Games in Nimes

This long weekend of 3 days for the 1st May was held in Nîmes a new edition of the Great Roman Games during which the city is transformed. A stay in Nîmes on this occasion plunges you into the heart of a historical re-enactment amid the architectural treasures of the Roman Empire. The show in the Arena (this year : "Queen Boudica") will be the highlight of your day or Weekend in Nimes if you had the good idea to spend one or two nights to better imbue yourself with the atmosphere.

Discover Great Roman Games in Nimes

If you have opted for the train that is a good option if you have to stay that in the city center of Nimes because the TGV station is on the starting line of your stay culture and heritage. Indeed, the new urban development of the center of Nimes is a revealing of the vestiges of the presence of the Romans. "Vestige" is certainly not the most appropriate word because the architectural heritage of the empire of the Caesars is still perfectly preserved or restored. The Arena and the square house are the best examples but you will discover others as you walk in the Roman city and its gardens of the Fountain which will take you to the lookout of the Tour Magne where you can contemplate the whole of the Nimes metropolis to the Sea. Leaving the station, you will go up avenue Feuchères to the esplanade and the fountain Pradier.

Pradier fountain Nimes

From here you can plunge into the narrow streets of the typical Roman Mediterranean city center or advance to attract by the charm of the Arena. In both cases, you will surely be challenged by voices and outfits from another time: The Romans! We had the chance to meet several parades of legionaries and other soldiers:

Roman legion in Nimes

But also beautiful dancers ... mastering hypnosis (on some men):

Roman dancers in Nimes

And Gallic out of their tavern, saying : "They are silly thoses Romans"

Gallic in Nimes

After taking advantage of the city's terraces: a tea room and then a pleasant little restaurant with our local hosts, we embarked on the magic of the Arena for a show recreating the Roman games offered by Emperor Adrien to his people ... With even ... bread! Bread and games ... and street vendors of fresh drinks (small reminder that we are well into the 21st century). To have the chance to sit in this Roman amphitheater: How lucky!

Roman Show in Nimes

The spectacle is fairly realistic, and it is easy to plunge into it, just like the thousands of spectators who often defy the emperor's authority to support their little Rome: Nimes.

As the photos attest, the weather was also very Mediterranean and the wind had gone on holiday elsewhere to enjoy, no doubt, also this holiday. A stay out of time, disorienting by its plunge in History, an example of the theme "Heritage and culture" on KooKooning.

The desire to discover the architectural heritage left by our ancestors is echoed in the desire of local hosts to show their city. According to whether you have come by train or by car (to extend your Roman visit to the Pont du Gard), you will have chosen a bed and breakfast or furnished accommodation in town, or a gîte or a farmhouse in the garrigue Gardoise.

Combining visits, tastings and accommodation with hosts eager to make you discover their territory, it is the promise of personalized themed stays in the spirit of KooKooning for an original weekend!

We are more and more people looking for more than just a bed!

You too, book your next week-end if you feel like to discver new heritage and culture thanks to KooKooning !

Posted on May 1, 2017.