Tour 2017, The event of your holiday in July 2017

Events during your holiday in July 2017

First month of the "great holidays" or summer holidays, the month of July is punctuated by the stages of the Tour de France. Whether you are a cycling fan or not, the 2017 Tour remains one of the must-see events of this month of July 2017. Some even go so far as to stall their holidays on the different stages of the Tour and discover France at the rhythm of this roaming somewhat The Others will be content to see a stop near their holiday resort to fully enjoy the chosen destination the rest of the stay.

Discover Events during your holiday in July 2017

The month of July marks the beginning of the summer holidays in France and in most European countries. It would be impossible to be exhaustive by listing all the major events of this summer. We did not do it and we focus here on the Tour de France which remains the major event of the summer. Its course allows to touch several French tourist destinations and several publics from the enthusiasts of bike who follow the stages of the tour 2017 with a little advance, to the afficionados in tent or in camper or simply those who take advantage of the passage of the Tour de France near their holiday resort to liven up their stay.

The passage of runners is often too fast to enjoy (except in the mountains) but the upstream advertising caravan will delight young and old. I remember very well the first time my grandfather brought me to discover this broom of tanks and vehicles decorated with the image of the big brands and especially the adrenaline when catching the small gifts launched by the vehicles Which sometimes came close to us. The time has changed but the principle remains the same and we see more and more people on the roads of the Tour. It is often the opportunity to meet tourists of all nationalities and this mixture of culture is worth living at least once ... if only to realize this agitation.

This year we also wanted to experience it fully through our Weekend or holiday on the edge of the Tour and even from the office since this year the Tour has passed very close to KooKooning!

Here are some souvenir images of the 2017 Tour:

Pedro and Tour 2017 caravan

Nice cars

Cars of Tour 2017 caravan

What is the relationship between the Tour de France and a KooKooning trip?

And quite simply the possibility of staying with a host who will take you to the best spot to see the race pass or another one that will make you experience one end of the stage by bike upstream or a few days after the passage of the runners.

It's the spirit of KooKooning: sharing our passions and sometimes our roof with the guarantee of making beautiful encounters! It is also the spirit of the Tour de France.

Rendez-vous on the roads of the Tour de France 2018 for a stay KooKooning in the summer 2018.

Posted on July 12, 2017.