KooKooning eases direct boooking between travelers and tourist service providers

Direct booking of your holidays

What do we mean by direct booking? KooKooning's approach is not to position itself as a mandatory intermediary between our tourist service providers and travelers interested in staying at home. Our desire is more to be a facilitator who allows to discover thematic stays not visible elsewhere: internship at a beekeeper, stay with a cabinet maker, weekend with vegetarian cooking classes, etc.

We did not want to lock these experiences in the only KooKooning ads. We wanted to bring more to these passionate service providers who are not always tourism pros. We started by making available to our members a relatively complete management tool (rates, availability, booking, contacts CRM, ...) and then we developed a tool for simplified website creation. Finally, we will consider proposing other ways to facilitate and secure the holidays direct booking.

Discover Direct booking of your holidays

Posted on March 6, 2018.