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Mini chambre
2 personas
1 cama

Chambre (11 m2) . 1 grand lit 2 places 200 ...

Precios desde

34,00 €

Por noche (2 personas)

Chambre petite
3 personas
2 camas

Chambre (8 m2) . 1 grand lit 2 places 190 ...

Precios desde

46,00 €

Por noche (2 personas)

Chambre Standard
4 personas
3 camas

Chambre (12 m2) . 1 grand lit 2 places 190 ...

Precios desde

60,00 €

Por noche (2 personas)

Suite Junior
4 personas
3 camas

Chambre (10 m2) . 1 grand lit 2 places 190 ...

Precios desde

86,00 €

Por noche (2 personas)

5 personas
4 camas

Chambre (42 m2) . 1 grand lit 2 places 200 ...

Precios desde

112,00 €

Por noche (2 personas)

Temas propuestos durante su estancia y actividades in situ

Recorre todo mulas / camellos senderismo Taller años, 25 años de pasión y descubrimientos. Macizo del Atlas costa del desierto. Su personal: guías, mulas, camellos, habitantes de los valles altos, Côte alguna: geólogos, antropólogos, otros nómadas, los cocineros, agricultores, pescadores, conductores, todo motivado Amaréis su país. Caminatas y magníficos campos, descubrimiento, los deportes, los pies con frecuencia no publicado, camellos, ciclismo de montaña, 4x4 con aire acondicionado, con la familia o amigos

  • En la montaña
  • Ciclísmo
  • Excursión / Raquetas de nieve
  • Tiempo de comida goloso
  • Hammam

Su anfitrión

Acerca de zineb et jean pierre
Zineb Et Jean PierreZineb Et Jean Pierre
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Zineb and Jean-Pierre Choose to settle in Ouarzazate 25 years ago, at the crossroads of southern valleys of the Atlas and Saharan. Originally, the purchase of the old house is the project of their own home, in a village 5 km from Ouarzazate, no water, no electricity, no telephone, with access through the track at the time. From near Ouarzazate allowed access to amenities and ADSL arrived in Dar Daif ... Today, the wifi in every room, and joined Dar Daif bus from the center of Ouarzazate. Together, Jean-Pierre and Zineb built, restored their personal home, where they invited their customers and camel treks crossings to come drink tea and eat couscous. Their friends suggested them to create one or two bedrooms to accommodate rather than go to the hotel. Thus, year after year, their house with a few rooms has become a real guest house, like a caravanserai where camel cross, guides, drivers and guests. Gradually, they purchased the ruins while houses adjacent to enlarge their living and hospitality. Between two tourist seasons, they resumed the restoration work with their team of master craftsmen and laborers, then arranged what was to become after 10 years of work, the Kasbah Dar Daif. Jean-Pierre has managed to balance restoration, reconstruction and expansion of the kasbah, between natural materials such as earth, earth baked bricks and sun-dried reeds, wood, stone, lime, jlij Tamgrout, marble Tiznit solidity and reinforcements, by the use of modern materials. To date, Dar Daif offers accommodation with every comfort and harmony between the warmth of collective spaces and privacy of private spaces. Ecotourism is also a passion.