la Lauza Thabor

Valmeinier(Département de la Savoie)

Bedrooms / Bedding

Chambre n°1
2 people
1 bed

Chambre lit double

Prices begin at


Per night (2 people)

Chambre type : lit jumeaux
3 people
3 beds

Chambre type avec lit jumeaux

Price not given

Themes proposed during your stay and on-site activities

Located in a resort-village charm, you will be trimmed to stay 100% snow. Snowshoes, sleds, ice skating, bowling, dog sled rides, shows on snow, ski, you will be spoiled for choice for your vacation.

  • Mountains
  • Heated pool
  • Jacuzzi, Balneotherapy
  • Sauna
  • Day nursery
  • Downhill skiing

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