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If you are looking for accommodation for your holidays in Drôme for a night, a Weekend, a week or more ... then discover our selection of tourist accommodations: Guest room or cottage or lodge for a homestay but also camping and thematic hotel. Find where to stay in Drome among our nice hosts who often also offer on-site activities. You can enjoy the advice of your host to discover the must-sees places of the Drôme. One of the ads below will answer to your need :

161 accommodations for a thematic stay in Drôme

Of course you can narrow your search for accommodation in Drôme on a city or on one of the five main sections of the department:

Drome of the hills: Everything north of the department, over the plain of Valence and the Valley of the Drôme, there is a transition area between Provence and the rest of Rhone-Alpes: more secret and green. As its name suggests, it is made of soft hills that contrast with the steepest slopes of the Dauphiné and the Vercors. There are many rivers including the Rhone and Isere, its borders. "Drôme des Collines" (French name) offers peace and many sports (Lake Champos) on a planted land of forests, orchards and vineyards. It is a place of tasting (Chocolate City, Cave de Tain l'Hermitage) and for discovery (Ideal Palace of Facteur Cheval, Hill of the Hermitage, Combe Laval) that you will rest from the urban bustle.

Royans - Vercors: This is a story of the territory through the heroic memory of the Resistance during the Second World War. But it is also the paradise of sportsmen and sensation lovers ... and calm! Vertiginous roads leading to exceptional sites (cave of Choranche, Thais Cave), grand views and paths that take you into the Regional Natural Park of Vercors, where you can many walks (pedestrian, equestrian, mountain biking, with a donkey) or family skiing and snowshoeing in winter.

Plain of Valence: On the verge of ViaRhôna, Valencia is a transition stage with southern France. The city center offers a calming and pedestrian heart a modern museum. The surrounding villages are also pushing an undeniable attraction to La Baume-Cornillane and his path of discovery of the center of Pangaea (reunited continent).

Drome Valley - Diois: A unique lifestyle, an atmosphere that is found nowhere else. Home to those who want to be both close and far away from everything between Vercors and Provence. Artisans and artists will demonstrate their talent: pottery, painting, sculpture or other creative hobbies offer from KooKooning hosts. You can taste the famous Clairette de Die. Drôme River will welcome you gladly for a swim or canoe course. Finally, you can re-discover aromatic plants whose traditional lavender Drome.

Drome Provencale: A way of life so special that attracted many artists and personalities who came to hide in this mediterranean enclave. From Montelimar to Nyons, you will love these Provencal landscapes serenaded by the cicadas that inspires rest and relaxation. Fields of lavender and vines will make you tasting.

If you want more than a bed for your stay in Drome, KooKooning is definitely the service for you! Our offer of accommodation and activities you will be the best stay possible and pack book online safely. You can also soon offer KooKooning gift boxes to discover the Drôme.