la Mystérieuse

Soulan(Département de l'Ariège)

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Bedrooms / Bedding

Chambre Indienne
3 people
2 beds

Comfort and change of scenery guaranteed! Private bathroom and toilet, ...

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Per night (2 people)

Chambre Anglaise
3 people
2 beds

This room can accommodate up to 3 people. It is ...

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Per night (2 people)

Chambre Violette
2 people
1 bed

A romantic little nest just for you 2! This room ...

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Per night (2 people)

Themes proposed during your stay and on-site activities

The guesthouse la Mystérieuse, is above all a relaxing place, a place where you can slow down and pause for a while. It is a place that lives to the rhythm of nature in conviviality and sharing ... The surroundings are popular with lovers of walks and hikes. You can also go skiing in Guzet-neige, during the winter season (34 km away). Read a book in the garden or listen to nature ... You could also visit the workshop of Marie-Pierre who carves stone.

  • Sculpture
  • Art crafts
  • Green building
  • Mountains
  • Eco-housing (eco-lodge, eco-room)

Your host

About marie-pierre

I chose soft limestone like Tuffeau or Saintonge stone, stones of great softness, which allow me to highlight my feminine side. My research is in communion with the material and not in its submission. I also like to create moments and spaces to share the pleasure of sculpting stone ...