mas au calme

Pézenas(Département de l'Hérault)

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Bedrooms / Bedding

Chambre n°1
3 people
2 beds

fenêtre à l'est, avec volet mécanique.

Chambre n°2
2 people
2 beds

fenêtre au sud, avec volet roulants mécanique

Chambre n°3
3 people
2 beds

fenêtre au sud, volet roulant électrique

Themes proposed during your stay and on-site activities

Your group has 3 rooms in the house, as well as a lawn of 1500 M2 able to accomodate 4 camping tents.

  • Protected area / monitored / safe area
  • Festivals, carnival, historic festivities
  • Visit local heritage or city tour
  • Leisure parks
  • Cultural Stay (visual arts, literature, etc.)
  • Close to historical places

Your host

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