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With KooKooning, you can travel and stay in the "old continent" through the hosts that offer "more than a bed." You will find different kinds of accommodation (room homestay, full accommodation, camping, refuge or dormitory) closer to your desires not matter whether you prefer sport or relaxation, discovery or leisure, and whether if its for a Weekend, a desire for nature or a tasting of local products. For family holidays as for a business trip, KooKooning is the service that allows you to find the accommodation of your dreams.

KooKooning in Europe is thousands of holiday rentals for a unique experience, a thematic stay with very hospitable hosts: guest room, cottage or even camping ! We really us list of small hotels theme for those looking for more than a bed: one thinks of the guest meal or other meal with the hosts, but also to the tasting or visits or even playful, sporting and relaxation activities. KooKooning identifies both accommodations and activities offered by the hosts.

4130 accommodations for a thematic stay in Europe

After France, KooKooning opens gradually to Europe with the desire to offer "more than a bed" to all discerning travelers. Our guest community offers accommodation but also various activities for you to have the best stay possible. The service extends from France to other countries of the Eurozone including Spain, but also in other European countries such as Switzerland. Our difference lies in thematic research. So you can find the guests closer to the most beautiful sights to see in Europe such as: the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Colosseum, Disneyland Paris or the tower bridge of London.

KooKooning is the "reference" for thematic research in Europe: it is the guarantee for you to spend unforgettable holidays "like you". You can use our online booking system (secured and no service charges for the traveler / guest), in the entire Euro zone. If the host has subscribed to our Premium package, you can also contact by phone or book direct. Our main objective: make your preparation and personalization of your stay easier.

The service is already available in France and soon in other European countries:

  • Belgium
  • Swiss
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • etc.

Have a nice trip to Europe !