Family Cottage in the nature

Masarac(Província de Girona)

Bedrooms / Bedding

Chambre Buda
2 people
1 bed

Chambre ou le materiaux principals sont le bois et la ...

2 people
2 beds

Belle chambre en pierre et bois,avec couleurs jaune et blanc. ...

Themes proposed during your stay and on-site activities

The activities we propose in Mas la Bajol are directly related to nature. The collection of medicinal plants in situ, leads us to prepare oils and medicinal alcohols with the plants that nature offers us in each season. For instance : llanten oil, for insect bites. The materials are very simple and affordable. The massage therapy we propose is based on traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Supply of cot / baby bed
  • Baby equipment
  • Gardening or picking
  • audiovisual equipment
  • Pottery
  • Visual arts (painting, drawing)
  • Close to historical places
  • Massage
On-site activities

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