Punctuated gourmet tasting holidays

Gastronomic tasting stays


One of the obvious pillars of the holiday period is gastronomy. Getting around a nice little dish is an integral part of our holiday habits. Then a stay could not be fully savoured as long as no one sat on the terrace of a restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine made with local and seasonal products. From the meal offered by the owners of guest rooms to the authentic hostel or the gourmet restaurant, there are some for all tastes and all budgets.
You can also take traditional or unusual cooking classes with some of our members who will pass on some of their know-how.

You can also choose to visit a farm. By this way you can learn the history of a product and its manufacturing process.
Each region has its specificities: climatic, geological, historical, cultural,... Then, we get various productions and various recipes too. They are also representative of the identity of a region and its population.
In some cases, you will even be offered the opportunity to get involved and make your own product. And after the technical and/or practical lesson, you will certainly be able to taste the specialities of the house. Rather salty or sweet, you have a choice.

If you already have an idea of your next holiday destination, you can add some gourmet tastings. And if you don’t know where to go yet, don’t hesitate to let your taste buds guide you. This will be an opportunity to discover or rediscover the typical flavours of a destination.

Delicious moments to share in perspective! You will certainly find your happiness among the many activities offered by our members:

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