A survival course: return into the wild


Looking for adventure? Looking to push your limits and surpass yourself? So we propose you to live an incredible experience: carry out a survival course in the middle of nature in the company of our hosts!

Rest assured, survival courses are not commando courses, no need to have physical conditions out of the norm. During this type of internship you will first of all be introduced to basic survival techniques: making fire, finding drinking water, making shelter (an igloo in some cases), recognize edible plants but also those that are more dangerous or even toxic... You can even learn how to orient yourself with the stars. It is also often an opportunity to live together and thus to observe many animals in their natural habitat.

Summer or winter, in the mountains, in the forest or along a stream, let guide you by professionals through amazing landscapes, alone in the middle of nature. Moreover, your guides, experts in the field, will also be there to teach you to use the resources that nature offers us while respecting it. The opportunity to get together, gain autonomy and enjoy warm and friendly moments with your instructor and other participants.

Fire in encampment

Some survival courses can last a whole week, but in general they last 2 days to 3 days maximum. So you have no excuse not to make one this weekend!

Most of the time, no special material is needed, but it depends on the course chosen and the guide that accompanies you. Don’t you know what to put in your bag? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to pack your bag, because everything you put on you’ll have to carry it!

Although in the wild, these survival courses are supervised, firefighters are aware of the areas where you are. Upon returning from this internship you will appreciate the privilege of your comfort. What can you still do with your hands now?
A survival course is both a moment of full nature and a moment of learning techniques that may one day be useful to you.

You will find more information on this article of our blog: "Stay survival course, an unusual experience".

Survival material

You organize a bachelor party and look for original ideas? Nothing like a survival training course to weld a group of friends together!

You may be wondering why you decided to include this theme in KooKooning? And quite simply because survival courses fit perfectly into the holiday trend that makes sense.