A green and environmentally friendly holiday

Spend your next holiday in eco-lodges


If you are interested in staying in respectful accommodation and in communion with the environment for your next holiday, this category of eco-habitats is for you! You will also have the opportunity to exchange with your hosts on the genesis of their accommodation and your common interests.

By the way, what is eco-habitat?

Green house

Low energy consumption, ecological materials, specific construction method, choice of location,... the eco-habitat must first of all be environmentally friendly, integrating itself as best as possible in nature, and adapting to the local climate.
What’s the goal of all this? To limit the environmental footprint of one’s housing and to respect the 3 main principles of sustainable development, that is to say to achieve a balance between the economy, the environment and social. So habitat has to be livable, equitable, but also sustainable. Let’s take a simple example, energy. An eco-habitat should not use fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal, etc.) but renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal or even biomass heating (wood stove, pellet boiler). And it’s even better if it produces energy, through photovoltaic panels for example, more than it consumes in order to put that surplus energy back into the general grid.

In addition, renovating its housing to make it an eco-habitat with various positive impacts, notably by increasing thermal comfort and decreasing humidity levels in the housing but also by reducing energy consumption (40% to 65% on average). It has been shown that thanks to the two previous factors the inhabitants would be in better health in the medium term.

light bulb in grass

In any case, if you are sensitive to the values related to sustainable development, do not hesitate any more and opt for the stay in eco-habitat, for environmentally friendly holidays, in a perspective of sustainable tourism and slow tourism. And will slow tourism tell me, késako?We explain everything on our blog: “Destination Slow Tourisme”.

We have already started to change our daily consumption patterns, now it is during our holidays that we must also think about the environment and the protection of the planet.There, too, you were told a little while ago in our blog: “Zero Waste Holidays, You can do it”